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The tale of Allyssa, Sam, and Peter, who all get left from home and have to overcome a strange villain... Read More
With experience comes great advice. Having brothers is great. Even when little brothers don't want to be seen with their sister anymore... They offer great advice, protection, laughs and love that no one else could. My eldest brothers advice as I set off for uni was to play music... So… Read More
Last night was pretty heavy, I am posting this the night after as I feel like it speaks for itself, enjoy! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Domestic Violence. It happens in every culture around the world. But we don't have to live like this! Read More
Being ready to leave home after you're done with your mandatory education journey. (: Read More
Simon's story of growing up, facing the music and dealing with the craziness of family, friends and fans. Read More
Marcie is moving, but that means she has to re-invent herself. Read More
This was originally ment to be a small motivational note for myself when I leave for my high school exchange year, but I guess maybe it can work as motivation for others as well. This is also one of the more positive things I've ever written. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a piece for anyone who is experiencing relationship issues, please feel free to use if you think it may do some good. Read More
I am submitting a short vignette about the dynamics of a family the evening before their eldest child departs for the first time for university. Read More
The day for moving on and 'Leaving Hudson' behind, had arrived. A warm and nostalgic fictionalized memory. Enjoy! Read More
Kitty lives in a dead city. Yeah, we end up with a lot of stories about Kitty, whenever I'm bored or angry or happy, so you'll probably all see her again. Sorry for any errors, my editor hasn't gotten a chance to see this one. The city is very loosely… Read More
Dedication: To all parents! Of daughters and sons! While digging through some older and forgotten papers, of mine, I came across a poem I must have written in 1998. The year when my son went away to college. 9 years before writing and posting "Our Grampa Ed" which should be… Read More
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