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Poem / Poetry

November 08, 2018

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The Poems House

Just a single viewpoint in the eye of the storms. Read More
What happened yesterday lost her sleep, lost her comfort and lost the safety that she has been looking for for a lifetime! She realized on that day that reluctantly agreeing to matters to relieve some of the burdens on someone's shoulder is in itself a burden on her! With time… Read More
I loved you so much, and you still don't wanna be with me. Read More

Tags: love, pain, wishing, left

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The Booksie Classic House

The abstract truth behind unity. Read More
This is a story about a crisis that I experienced in my life. Read More
I wish I could forget the day you chose to leave, but it's burned into my memory. My life has never been the same. Read More

Tags: sad, abandoned, left

Poem / Poetry

December 19, 2016

You left me so quickly. Am I useless? Do you not need me? The hole in my heart is growing, I'm turning hollow. Come back! I need you! Please! Read More
"You left us, You left me, Why leave do soon?" Read More

Tags: me, left, us-family

"Please stay with me, daddy?" "Please don't leave me again?" Read More

Tags: love, alone, hate, left

Short Story / Non-Fiction

December 04, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Alyssa is left alone again. Read More
A father left his daughter and wife. This is what happens after he left. Please review and check out my other stories! Thanks for reading! Read More

Tags: mom, dad, crying, left

So i started writing this to entertain a friend and this is what i have so far. sorry if grammar isn't that good in it i'm a good writer but terrible with remember all the right things. Read More

Book / War and Military

July 11, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

A 25 year old man named Cody joins the war in 2020 with 4 friends who have no war or gun experience.Cody is the last one alive and see what happens to him. Read More

Tags: alive, last_, left

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