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A lonely captain of the United States Air Force and part of one of the most top secret facilities on Earth find herself after five years being kidnapped, tortured, and put in slavery far worse than anything she could have imagined. Will she make it through it all even though… Read More
Jake Knight is the average teen. He dozes off during class, he doesn't pay attention in class, he gets average grades and all that. Though compared to other teens, he often ends up hospitalized. Everyday is the same thing for him... Until today. Read More
Alice green wakes up. Laughter. Cheerful. CRASH. Your a Fallen Angel. Alice was never bad, she had been a scholar at the top noch schools and gotten A stars .Did i mention now that Alice would have to go back to do that all over again? Thats only if the… Read More
Bruce felt no autmuns in mornings cast in the monring of Gotham harbour in the night of gleans emmessage of the idea of night ngamles mlaent of then night of nighteningales ideation into the nightingales of hanno this is may midnight cast of hanno if i can work with you… Read More
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