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This is something I feel like everyone should probably read, and write one of their own, so we can all help each other. Read More
Since it's my first post on a new account, I'll post something decently old. This is a short poem about the confused thoughts one has when they are raised in an anti-gay community but they wish to pursue a same sex partner. Read More
These song Lyrics of a girl but where is she in the world Are all the pretty young red heads all taken not I bet Bread from heaven perfection is 7 I can go seven till 11 Crumbs from a prince one date and I'll convince kittens Michael_Prince777@yahoo.ca Read More

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This was an English project that I did that year in school. We had to choose any film and write about a certan scene and it's technicalities. I choose 'Gone with the Wind' because I think it's phenomenal and very dramatic to study. I hope you enjoy! Read More
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