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Four actors score the roles of their lifetimes, but what happens when too begins to be asked of them? Read More
Its about my story behind the Mona Lisa painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Read More

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Continuing The Nightmare. Must read chapter one to understand. Michaelangelo POV Read More
Leonardo has secretly been in love with his younger brother Raphael for a long time now, and he thinks its time to tell him, what he doesn't know is Raphael has loved him just as much over the years. After they find out about each others secrets, Leonardo meets a… Read More
This piece is about a girl who committed suicide after a crucial break with her boyfriend. The relationship that grew between them was unclear to both of them and they took it very much superficially. Afterwards, that happened what should have been happened. Dear reader, as the plot of the… Read More
A mere peasant falls in love with a classy girl who misunderstands him and takes him for granted, his heart doesn't move on and he tries to get her but all things end tragically for him. Medieval Ages http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3339/3277304783_2c2526c088.jpg Picture used, all rights reserved Read More
Mankind has only two choices after science and technology renders the species utterly obsolete and incapable of survival in the future. One choice compels humanity to submit body and soul to a sinister supernatural civilisation, whilst the other impels mankind to submit to a utopian bioengineering paradigm. The first choice… Read More
There was a time when I worked up into feverish states worrying about the actions and methods of the American Christian Conservative. It seemed hypocritical to praise peace, liberty and freedom while oppressing the world and committing genocide. At some point a man taught me that the leaders of the… Read More
Define "ordinary girl". Alexis Taylor. She is highly studious, yet enjoys the youthful life of being in the company of her friends and small family. She enjoys writing poetry and a few drinks now and then, but what young girl isn't interested in writing a diary? Alexis spends regular hours… Read More
What would happen if some cities went back in time to 1497? Jon Read More

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February 20, 2007

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who was she . . . that picture that we cherish and adore . . . who was she. . . we look on her everyday, but yet no history of her comes to mind . . . who was she, the Mona Lisa? Read More
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