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February 21, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

These are all my little fantasies of me and a girl I used to be with. We are not together anymore, that's why i made Joyland. To imagine we were still together. Read More
All this, I wish I had. :( Read More
I don't usually cry in bathroom stalls...but here it is. Read More
This is just me, kind of letting my feelings out. Me and my fluttering heart. :) Read More
Just a regular girl with a crush Read More
Christian and Hunter have no idea about their parent's past, seeing as their parents died when they were around 13. They survived as prostitutes but now, as they learn about their father, can they face the past? Or will they decide to run away from it? Read More
Only 2 things matter. Truth and Ecstasy. I am afraid they deny each other. Read More
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