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Mary wilson Parents are famous her dad is a famous chef and her Mum is a famous singer what a perfect parents isnt she lucky But Mary hates being Mary so she protein to Be Jennifer Edwards by dying her hair and being nice but her friend doesnt know only… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Rosalinda Edwards Has Had a crush On Liam Thompson Like For ever but But there one Promble Liam Thompson is Her Best friend Brother Her Best Friend Katy doesnt know about this crush but when Katy has Her her 14 birhday Party and walks in on them kissing everthing so… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

what would you do if your best firend started dating a boy you like well Laura likes a boy called Luke but violet is datng is dating him Read More

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For Years Laura and Violet have been friends But when Violet become Jack boyfriend everything goes wrong Read More

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in chapter 1 - Jessica wins Justin bieber tickets In chapter 2 - Jessica mum tells her about justin biber having a book signing and she allowed to go In this Chapter jessica tells her best friend Katy about tomorrow Katy is so Jealous because she has to Baby sit… Read More

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jessica is a big fan of justin bieber but has never met him she wins tickets to see him but here mum says no and her sister carmen hurts him so see says no too but in the end will she still get to read to see what happened and… Read More

Tags: romance, letisha

Amy Carmel and Her family got the chance to go to Madame tussads but when she goes in the dungeon she goes Missing PLease Leave Commots Read More
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