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Theo has been single for a long time. Cynical about romance and afraid of seeking something real after an abusive relationship, he spends his days looking for meaningless casual affairs on Grindr. Noah is a young mischievous and ambitious nightclub dancer, who keeps his secrets hidden behind his charming grin.… Read More

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Kira Avalon, an orphaned daughter of two powerful magical bloodlines in a world that has forgotten all its mystical heritage, must discover the truth of her power before a dark prophecy comes to pass. She will have to navigate the tragedies befalling the surface as Lady Kathryn Aldrich, one of… Read More
The year is 160 CE, and the mighty Roman Empire seeks to control the lands of the Picts (what is now Scotland). A brave Pictish warrior woman and a rugged Sarmatian mounted archer woman find war, blood, love, and adventure at the Antonine Wall. My Mother's Spear is a queer… Read More
Started as a story of love... Finished in my style. Amadea spent her life in complete isolation, tucked away by the melodies and voices of the performers who represented all the interaction with the people she needed. Beata, a girl from a nearby town, just happened to be in front… Read More

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January 21, 2021

It seemed Mark was a successful detective: his boss appreciated his potential, cases closed regularly with no delay. But nobody's safe from burnout. And it rushed in Mark's life, turning it upside down, taking his magic away. Old fears came back. Ain't no spark to ignite him again. Read More
TRIGGER WARNING: Depression, suicide, violence, murder. Read at your own risk. Sina Gracey, Ellen, Georgia, at Jessa ay apat lamang sa libo-libong empleyado ng Sparrow Telecom-isa sa pinakamalaking call center sa bansa. Galing sa magkaibang pamilya at antas ng lipunan, paano huhubugin ang kani-kanilang mga buhay at pagkatao sa loob… Read More
Tolmer Senikos is just your average guy. He's a designer living a normal life. Until, one day, he unexpectedly managed to catch his boss's eye. And, also, somehow managed to steal his heart. Yet, Tolmer was hesitant to accept him when the thing he had feared all his life came… Read More
just a little poem about part of the world's darknesses. Read More
A story about the adventure and life of main character Azriel, and protagonist, Phantom. With Azriel and his team finding their way towards the main antagonist named Aurelia, who caused the population-changing incident after she realized all of her special vials went missing, causing her to deposit her many leftover… Read More
A man being surrounded by darkness. Read More

Tags: husband, curse, lgbt

A Neanderthal hunter woman and a non-binary early modern human hunt each other across the desert, but will they find love or the tip of a spear? A prehistoric adventure and romance set in the upper paleolithic near the sea of Galilee 57,000 years ago. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 17, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Its for a girl....dwbi Read More

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Aliens. Are they real or not? Do they look like us? Are they hostile, or friendly? Matt was walking home from school on a cool October afternoon. Be when he reached home, he heard sounds from the sky, followed by a loud crash in the woods next to his house. Read More
after her life on land ends painfully, cordelia drifts back to the sea. Read More

Tags: dark, gothic, lesbian, lgbt, wlw

It is about a girl name Amber who is in an abusive relationship with paul. Until his life ends. Her lover, Sidney wants her now. But will she say yes? Read More

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In the aftermath of World War Three, a child spy is sent to research the American Republic's suspicious obsession to gather a commodity they choose not to disclose. Read More
It is about a boy who has bad luck with even getting girls and most of all creating conversation. Until this boy named Trey helps him to step his game up for the ladies. But as things go futher, he is starting to get confused on what he really wants. Read More

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This is the story of a a contract killer who's looking forward to leaving the life. She just has one surprising loose end to tie up first.. Read More

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Harvey can see into dogs' minds. He is five years old when he realizes he will have to hide this ability. Will this strange insight always curse him in isolation or could it be a gift that saves a little girl's life? Read More

Book / Horror

August 12, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Doyle Cerberus has never loved anyone. But a chance encounter with a beautiful woman sets his cold dead heart on fire. He can’t help but watch her every move. Lana Whitlock’s happiness is ripped away from her when a violent attack proves fatal for her girlfriend, Francine, as they celebrate… Read More
Jonelle satisfies an ache in Suzanne, both for intimate friendship and sex. More to this story might come. Please make sure to comment and like if you enjoy it! Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story about Artemis Leon, a simple girl with a broken heart in the past. As years have gone by, she met Joville Clark and became very close friends. As her past lover makes amends, a confused Artemis is drawn by her fear and demons. Who will make… Read More
This is about an individual uncomfortable about her transition until she meets someone who understands her. Read More
"It is simple. I want you. Therefore, you are mine." The world had been thrown into chaos when an enigmatic alien species landed onto Earth. They are powerful beyond belief, rendering humans at their complete mercy. Juliet, like most, has never met one of Them. If it weren't for a… Read More

Tags: romance, sci-fi, lgbt, gxg

Sequel to Two Different, Yet Similar Worlds. Melex and his friend may survive what Paul brought upon them, but a new battle begins when Melex is threatened to kill the girl he likes, Cordelia, while he also finds a place in the family he has never met. Alissa and Zack… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The world of Avern has moved on. It has been almost a thousand years since the day the entire pantheon disappeared. Since the Abandonment, the mortals have learned to live without gods and goddesses. The world became mundane with little magic, and even less hope. Tyrants have risen, and those… Read More
This is just a teaser for a concept that I had thought up a while ago, that contains Gay Erotica from Japan/Japanese theme. I am thinking about self-publishing soon and so, I am throwing different ideas around anyway, enjoy! Read More
CJ Kim is a normal college student. He is doing what most college students do, figuring himself out. He has some strange dreams now and then, but he just thinks they are just dreams. He ends up with a huge crush on a senior that is on the baseball team.… Read More

Tags: love, gay, romance, erotic, lgbt

Nate and Kyle come home from their final class trip and find Nate's little brother Danny waiting for them. What they don't know yet is that an innoncent question asked by the little boy will end up forcing them to talk about something they've hidden from each other for way… Read More
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