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Cameron Sanders is the typical high school jerk, but he quickly falls off his throne after his mother dies in a car crash, making him have to live with his abusive father, and he loses a fight, causing his friends turn on him. The only people he has around is… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A gay transgender man is slowly bonding with their ex. The two are getting closer and closer every day, and it seems like they never broke up. Until he finds out something earth shattering. He finds new love, learns new lessons, and makes more memories. What will happen next in… Read More

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Book / Gay and Lesbian

December 23, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Jasper is a transgender guy in a small town, which is cruel to everything but the "norm" of society. Every time Jasper tries to convince them, that he is indeed a boy, they slap the 'Female' label right back on, assure him it's just puberty, and makes their disapproval clear… Read More
Aurora University journalist student Drew Eisenhower finds himself tasked with covering a big track and field meet and lands an incredible interview opportunity with the hurdle runner Sebastian Yukizome. With the opportunity to speak freely to his love interest his happiness is quickly shattered when Sebastian mentions his girlfriend. Crushed… Read More

Book / Fan Fiction

December 13, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

The Steel City had a hockey team. Why did they need another one? Read More

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Kayla sees Annabelle, a girl she dated and fell in love with ten years ago . Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Constance, a softball player, is urged by her best friend to go to the local book club during the off season. She ends up falling in love with one of the women there. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

this is a collection of short stories. some stories contain content that not everyone is comfortable with, such as -swearing -self harming -lgbtq+ couples and suicide Read More

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Every 25 years, gods from all "mythologies" are reincarnated to create the Pantheon. They only have two years on this earth however, and need to leave protectors to defend the mortal plane in the time between Pantheons. So was created the Agency. Demigods, Grave Keepers, and the Scion of… Read More
a couple wolfgang and andrew live a good life, recently married, new into the real world, but every week wolfgang goes on business trips and andrew never turns a head until his aunt's wedding wolfgang is forced to reveal his true identity and it makes more problems than needed… Read More
A story about a school club that holds unique members and a intriguing story with our protagonist Mike! Hope you enjoy! NOTE: Still under progress | NOT FINISHED Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 11, 2018

I came out to my parents in April 2016 as transgender. They are very conservative in their views, making me promise that if I started my transition I would never talk to them again. This lead me to run away. Read More
Isaac can't move on. Sam gives him every reason not to. Read More

Tags: love, gay, sad, lgbtq

A group of kids find themselves captive and with superpowers. They must figure out a way to either adapt and survive or escape before they get themselves killed. Read More
"Basically, your body is a vessel for the Devil, and that's why I'm here." As Dalton tries to come to terms with his mom's death, he realizes that the secrets his family were keeping from him was for a reason, and Seth gets to be the one to untangle… Read More
This story has two character points of view, Noah, and Caleb. They both like each other, but neither of them thought it was ok to confess. (This story is BL, meaning Boy x Boy, don't read unless you have LGBTQ+ in your heart) Read More
Evie is a wingless fairy living in the world of Intia. Tired of being scorned by her kin, she runs far into the forest well past the boundaries of the fairies. She soon stumbles across her first friend and together they go through life in Intia, together. … Read More

Short Story / Romance

April 09, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

May is attending a party, her best friend's party to be exact. All of her friends and enemies are there. The only thing is: they are all wearing masks. Let's follow her and see how she is going to handle her crush on the hottest girl at… Read More
Ivy loves Pepper, and Pepper loves Ivy, Yet thare is still fear in Peppers hart that it wount last. Read More
a bittersweet romance. two boys. a clich√© kind of tale, with a twist. one is a demon. one is a human. and by demon, i don't mean satanic horns. he's beautiful, actually. intelligent and gentle, the kind of boy you'd want to put on. oh, and he's destined to… Read More
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