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the country today is very divided but sometimes we have more in common than we ever realize. Read More
This is an in-progress memoir about my experiences in the political realm over the last year. Mostly just journaling, but also curious if anyone else can relate to my experiences. Read More
A short essay on how the basic feelings of love and hatred have affected the democratic party and how it may continue to affect in the future. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

If a Southern white boy with a strict Methodist upbringing can become a liberal man, anyone can. Read More
A one page guide hand out for readers to bring awareness of false beliefs in society Read More
In this chapter in the Legend of Rose Houston, the Devil Attacks America and with the assistance of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse seizes Washington, D.C. The President of the United States appeals to God for help and God dispatches the only lawman (actually a woman) in America with… Read More
A short essay on the misfortune relating to the Supreme Courts Ruling about Hobby Lobby. Read More
To the many who died not knowing the many they have saved. To the failures who tried to change the world… …For better… …or worse… Read More
The Second Civil War has erupted in America due to severe political and cultural differences, a boy and sister on opposite sides embrace this new situation. Read More
This is an essay covering an issue facing many people in the United States - both parents and their children alike - in the year 2012. The essay discusses the rising cost of financial aid, how it got this way, and ways it could potentially be fixed in the future. Read More
Strikes down lifetime caps. preexisting conditions extends health insurance to americans under 26 holds insurance companies accountable guarantees more free preventive care wins savings for seniors Read More
I wrote this seven or eight months ago, after one of the GOP candidates made a remark about building an electric fence between the US and Mexico to stop illegal immigrants from coming into the country. Read More
A follow-up to my poem, the Red Runner, about Australia's bottle-red prime minister. Read More
Our current method of taxation allows elected officials to maintain power over citizens. A consumption tax eliminates this. Read More
Have you ever stopped and looked at who leads us and how they came to be put in those roles? I have and i don't like it. Read More
This was a Letter to the Editor I wrote to my town's local Newspaper. And just as I had said in that Letter, I doubted that the Paper would print it. I was right about that, which is just sad. Oh well, here goes... Read More
This is me at my most cynical. I write this as a dedicated Christian who is beyond frustrated about narrow-mindedness and intolerance Read More
Is is time for the Second American Revolution? Yes! This book details how the war against this nation began during the Great Depression, and has continued down to this day. America is poised for disaster, and we must start over. This is a call for action to every American who… Read More
As an avowed member of the vast right wing conspiracy I implore the American People to Keep HER out of the White House. Read More
Perhaps the revulsion to free cultures is due more to that fact that one still lives in the box. Read More
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