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The answer to the argument on taxes and services. Read More
In American politics, there are left-wingers and right-wingers, the liberals and the conservatives, respectively. Coincidentally, many liberals tend to be Democratic, and many conservatives tend to be Republican. But what does it mean to be a conservative, or to be a liberal? What are the similarities and the differences between… Read More
In one province there were no residents. It was intentionally left empty and was sanctified by priests so as to challenge, on scientific grounds, the age-old principle that a holy place is never an empty place. And so there was such a place. Anyone who settled there, either in error… Read More
Don't smoke, or drink, or eat red meat, don't drive your car without a seatbelt or a crash helmet..don't, don't, don't! Read More
Attention Liberals, and Democrats and Cry Babies, don't bother to read this it'll send your blood pressure through the roof. LOL! Read More
The Cry Babies of the world are an endless source of amusement. Read More
The Liberal truth, as they want you to hear it. Read More
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