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1st chapter. Elizabeth finds herself unexpectedly awoken from a nightmare by a strange visitor, one not of this world! Read More
In the New York Library, Martin Carter, a well known writer of crime novels, is found dead near the globe of the World. As Detective Mark Franklin investigates, he can't make up his mind as to who the killer is. Read More
Rob, Kevin and McKenzie form a pact to quit smoking and read more- but their efforts end up in a drunken romp through a library with Bonnie, Miles and Vivian. Evelyn tries to spice up her relationship with Luther. Xandra and Hannah get into trouble with the law. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Timothy did something they shouldn't have; who ever knew borrowing a book from a library could cause such trouble? - The name comes from a book by Martin Waddell that I have always loved and featured in this short story for my English class. The prompt was "a character who… Read More
A free form poem for those among us who are enraptured by the scent of books. Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

January 18, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

We know what lurks outside, please stay. Read More
This is my first of the Bert stories for the new year and I have added a new character, Millard Duncan. I hope everyone likes it. Read More

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The Library Canteen Dingy, noisy, utensils clamouring, calls for masala dosa, tea, coffee made the whole place alive at dusk. It was a time when students would ruminate after their long hours in the library. Familiar faces, familiar greetings and familiar questions made the library canteen so resistance to change.… Read More
Debra O'Brien and Fred Watson go to the library with their host, Michael McCullum, to look up stuff at the Waipukarau Library in a parallel world where the internet has not been invented. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 04, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

I'm taking a trip to the library today. Read More

Poem / Humor

April 02, 2018

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The Poems House

An exercise in rhyme methods using some subjects in a story of mine, bookworms. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Being the story of a young man beginning a new job at an assisted living facility. Read More
Hollow and lonely, the disembodied voice calls in the ghoulish chill of October.... Read More
Prompt: You discover a library with a biography for everyone on earth. While reading your own, you notice that whenever someone else is mentioned, there’s a footnote showing where you can find their biography. Its odd how someone who was only a sentence in your book has a whole… Read More

Poem / Poetry

July 06, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

About my favorite place in the world. Not Rhyming Poetry. Read More

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Amber Foster reads an article in a past issue of the local newspaper. She thinks her step sister Josephine Hart has been hiding the truth which leads to an argument. While letting Amber cool off Josephine goes and places and cross at the accident site where Amber's mother was killed.… Read More
Ryan tries to go find Zachary’s ex, but once he finds him, he realizes he wants him. Jacob, Renzi and Sheila run into trouble once Sheila tries to seduce Afghani villagers and Ethan needs to downplay his latest controversy whilst deciding between Fiona and Anella Read More
A clever little girl ends up going on an adventure on her way to her local library. Read More
This essay is about how the Internet affect our lives, the differences and similarities between the internet and libraries, how they are correlated, how to find reliable information and how technology helps people to get information. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

An ancient corridor of stone. Hours of passed getting to this point and we cannot turn back. Our only option is to proceed into what lies ahead. Read More
A mysterious stranger shows up in Gildre's picture in the library where she's hiding. Read More

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This is the Story about a Journey of a sweet girl who is waiting for the Christmas and she get the best present of her life by that magical book and she get lots of mystery in her Mysterious Journey. Read More

Short Story / Young Adult

September 22, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

This was the third time I saw him in the library. He's quite cute, but why was he always alone? Read More
Rafael is one of the smartest kid in Denometro High School, he study every day and not giving himself a bad thing to do but playing video games and having fun for himself. The only thing he doesn't like was reading books. One day, he found a note with a… Read More
Garrett and Ayva get ready to clean the library, but met a girl who gets in the way. Read More
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