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May you remember the first day I tried to note down this story here... :) Read More
We have come together for one right touch. This support ask your assistance. To make a gift that may share peace everywhere. Let these days step out for this cause we are aware. :) Read More
This is a come back into reality when I have so far dive deep into a faith so bonded with our teacher. May this beautiful day never end. :) Read More
Just imagine when the whole short account of a character is so simple in the beginning. Let this always be so wonderful in creation. :) Read More
Let this lifeline support the great love why we are here. May you excel this commitment for the entire humanity. :) Read More

Poem / Non-Fiction

January 15, 2018

This simple feeling about our true faith keeps me awake for the best. Let us experience this refreshment as a new life here. :) Read More
When you read this dialect, always ask within, are you prepared to make these days so lovely like a true blessing? May an experience fulfill this wish. :) Read More
I always thought what will be my deepest desire from a kind King. May Maveli tribute this occasion as a loved memoir here. :) Read More
For everything we are gifted here belong to one planet. Here the source of life needs our urgent attention. May you leave this message ahead for a secure future of all. :) Read More
A simple making of a true soul within you. Feel so awesome in this draft. Let you benefit all the way ahead. :) Read More
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