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This is another message given for the days unending where we serve humanity in the need of a tribute ever written as we always have been in those classrooms ever. :) Read More
Every inspiration so born here inquest a superior cause. I have only mentioned this here. :) Read More

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While I request you to enjoy this creativity, may you also be inspired to do more in this lifetime wherever you are. :) Read More
When a mans words over pours into deep gesture of a hearts gratitude. And the world listens a reconciliation of this faith within. This poem is written with those personal experience. May be I feel the rest is understood to live an awesome life with everyone here. :) Read More
May we come together for the great help when we need to serve others from our contributions never so far made here... :) Read More

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I have always understood that there is a greater need in my expression to tell the world what I am looking for. Where no thoughts travel I always will be passionate to explore its shore. A search to know more made the knowledge I seek, a total devotion to the… Read More
When you cross examine what I have stated here, just recite what is written before the voice of the person within. I hope you will like to read this again. :) Read More
May you like these kindle steps we remake our days ahead. :) Read More
Many times be the author how to think like a genius for that is why you have a role in this Gods creation. How longest day may your creative potential help to innovate new solution is the greatest giveaway of your freedom here ? When you read this poem,… Read More
I am thankful for this creation we are so blessed here. May God gift us this fortune for our healthy lifetime we share with our loved ones. :) Read More
Have you ever encountered someone’s mere presence for the first time, and instantly connected with the chi of the individual. Two hearts for a still moment in time beating as one. Words of honey escaping from a pair of generous lips; flaming the fire within the depth of your soul.… Read More
For this moment I ask your contribution fulfilling the greatest love for your home. Let us inspire this freshness to be so loved. :) Read More

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June 07, 2017

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Time is not to be wasted! Read More
An original quote about finding life's answers. Read More
Meghan and Jack have been through alot together. They couldn't find each other after a masquerade ball and when they did, a brutal car accident cause Meghan to be in a coma for 6 months. Now their wedding is approaching, but there's a hell of alot more this couple will… Read More

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the love, pain, loss, happiness, and personal growth of loving and even losing someone you love Read More
I rated these words as the assembly before the light of the fairyland with as much as novel with the times of true love. May be this day makes this understandings so remarkable. :) Read More
All you can serve this New Year 2014 is treasured here. Let us step ahead. :) Read More
This is a beautiful fictional narration on the roots of one heart in time. A word of timeless tale have been put for a suggestions like a puzzle. My character here is SAM who now is in the midst of KARNA and ARJUN in Mahabharata. The protector remains so hopeful… Read More
If you see the potential behind 6.9 billion human life existing on this Salt of Earth, remake this one time could change together. :) Read More
Six year old Arella wonders what is at the end of the rainbow, and why some rainbows are different. This short story makes metaphors and references to something beyond humans and what a rainbow is: mystery. Read More
Various times this has occur, but I am the only one who pays attention to it. Read More
The story revolves around Akari Amaterasu and her adventures in a new town she just move in. Reunited with her comrades from the ancient times, without her even realizing it, starts a new adventure to save the world. Accompanied by those who withheld the powers of 4 guardian beasts, Akari,… Read More
Love. Some search their whole lives.. Some are fortunate enough to find it. Read More
A summary of my life during my whole 20 years. Read More
Read this if you have or are going to let a chance at happiness pass by. We have all been there, but you have to be strong in order to succeed. Read More
In distress a hopeless romantic prays that he'll get back his lost love. Read More
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