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I will be posting this story on another site. The five of us were summoned to this world from our clubroom a year ago to be made as heroes. Shouldn't forceful summoning like that be counted as kidnapping? Well, we chose to go with the heroes route. After harsh training… Read More
This light novel serves as a prequel to the manga that I am working on with my friends. This light novel and the manga are being worked on simultaneously. I will try to add new chapters every week.Images will be uploaded once the artist finishes them. Follow Katsumi's adventures through… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Abyssal, a sprawling magical world where the Mystical Arts meet the undying Swordsmen. The world of Humanity, prosperous and strong, stood tall among their feats as their Kingdom of Astiarith shined in its prime. But trouble brews with every tale of adventure. Nolan Nyle, who was nothing but a simple… Read More
Light novel in progress, pretty bad right now, ideas are unfinished and over the place. Chapter 1 (Still in Progress) Read More

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July 12, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Amidst the difficult decisions to choose his future, Charlie McKinley, young high school graduate, ponders upon the possibility of there being something more to life than just getting an education, working a job, buying a home upon a lot, living an ordinary life. The question is answered for him when… Read More
Saito Flairbelt is, on the outside, an average playful and stupid student in school. He has a few friends, even though his only childhood friend was Lily Violet. And as high school starts, he makes new friends and even joins a club. The thing is, he’s been hiding something from… Read More
Ciana Letorez wants nothing more than to kill the man who had murdered her parents when she was little. A wanted criminal, she must explore the city she lives in to find this man, and end the group he's part of -- and she isn't afraid to kill anyone in… Read More
Engulfing himself in the virtual world, Ryouji Hasumi stacks cold memories and a certain wish in a long labyrinth backed up in his head. The events that will occur after solving that labyrinth are unpredictable. Read More
chapter two, please try to leave a comment.... Read More
First chapter of a story me and my friend have been working. nothing more, please enjoy Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The world of Vallen inhabits the five major races, namely, the Humans, or the mortal race, the Suna, or the angelic race, the elfeen, or the elven race, the Cait Sith, or the race of the beast mages, and, our protagonist's race, the Suna, or the race of the demons.… Read More
This is a story of darkness. This is a story of righteousness. Mortal actions will never fool the gods. An online publication. This is styles after the japanese "light novel" styled books. This will be a story told in parts over a period of time. Each part is meant to… Read More
Full character bios for GoD: Playing Games Can also become a fan on FB: Read More
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