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November 01, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

This story started out as two separate stories. I decided to combine them as the themes were so alike in nature. Although this is a lighthearted story on the surface, please remember that I was locked into a bedroom in Buchtel when I first began this story, so it… Read More
Criticism is encouraged since I'm a newbie. Read More

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The Poems on Elements House

Just love walking in the rain... Read More
Two people sit down for a drink, but end up having a nice conversation. The question: "Is this a date?" Read More
This is just an idea and a work in progress. I wanted to write something more lighthearted and not so depressing like the other book I'm working on. This one is about a girl who is adopted and learns about her true family one day when something happens at school… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

How would you feel if your twin sister became a mega superstar overnight? Joline Anders can answer that question perfectly. One night her twin sister's small acting roll turned into unlimited fame. Joline is forced to watch as her sister gets fortune, fame, fans, and everything else that Joline will… Read More
A short story, split into IV parts, about a little boy and his desire to get a pet parakeet. However in his plans, the boy finds out a shocking secret, that will forever change his life. Read More
a script series about Andrew Sob. He is a person that can be kind of jerk. Everything always seems to go wrong for Andrew, and he loses his temper when things do. His girlfriend Heather, keeps him grounded, however she can't stop all of his jerkface behavior. Andrew also Has… Read More
‘Saving Lord Beresford’ tells the story of Lucy Alstone, who had it all; a boyfriend, a job in the big city and the lifestyle she always dreamed of- until she lost it all. Devastated and heartbroken, Lucy runs back home and into the middle of the Derbyshire countryside, seeking seclusion… Read More
Light hearted and short, These days I am smiling and blushing too much, now this kind of odd behavior is giving funny type of misunderstandings to my guy friends and associates (outside the internet)No yaar! Lets assume, these smiles are meant for the emperor of Bohemia… May God grant peace… Read More
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