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Lily named herself after the Giant Water Lilies in the forest. Which forest? Why the Amazon Rainforest. She lives inside of it, surviving off of very little food. She likes to make up stories on how she got to be there. But she knows there's only one truth: she was… Read More

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A story about love and forgiveness. Read More
I wonder what it would be like to be a lily. Read More
Something to tell, something never said, something I've thought, while I lie here in bed. But how do I tell her, now that's the thing. Read More
This is a intense mystery about a girl who nearly loses her life to the woods, yet to know how. Read More

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Lily is a shy girl and a bookworm ,she has issues with her mother Leo loves to sail the seas ,he solves his issues with his mother.... how ? you need to read the story and explore it by your own destiny shipped them together , they are both… Read More

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short story of a girl and her mom Read More

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One year after the Eternal Empires and the Sith Empires team up and the attack the Enclave of the Jedi's base, the New Republic is in peril. Luke and Leia are failing at keeping the half dead Jedi Council together and the capital of the New Republic is under attack.… Read More
When Lily and Sky Eversley move to Forks, they are expecting a quiet, uneventful, normal life... For vampires anyway. But that is definitely the last thing they got. Instead, they enter the world of the werewolves, find themselves being charged with a death sentence by people they thought of as… Read More
Lily Kettle has now been placed under a sleeping curse and in her sleeping curse she finds herself starting to have some rather weird dreams. She dreams of herself going back home to the Dumping Ground, but a lot of things seem to have changed there when she returns there. Read More
Lily Kettle suddenly finds herself facing up to a wicked witch. Lily's in for a great big shock as she comes to learn something crazy about herself that she really didn't know about. Read More
Kerry Ravens' life has managed to be saved, but she now finds herself serving a wicked witch. Kerry has been sent out to kill none other than Daniel Kevins. Lily however believes Kerry who she refers to as her Aunty to be dead, so she is now grieving over her… Read More
In the third part of the first series of the story Lily Kettle celebrates her 16th birthday in her new home. However some rather devastating news is just about to come her way. Steve is determined to throw a surprise birthday party for his daughter, but can he keep that… Read More
This part of the adventure opens with the Kettle family hosting a barbecue to all their new neighbors in the back garden of their house. There at the barbecue Lily takes to meeting another member of the Kevins family, she she continues to come to terms with the fact that… Read More
After leaving her old home the Dumping Ground behind Lily Kettle journeys down to the village of Living in Liverpool city, along with her family. There in the village Lily meets a mysterious new friend called Razz Kevins and together they get caught up in ever so many wonderful adventures… Read More
I do not own copyrights to any of the characters. It is a random one-shot of one of my imaginations of how Severus's past might have been. Read More

Book / Young Adult

March 16, 2015

Lily is a woman who struggled through her life she had bad luck when it came to guys and love, she always followed her heart and that only brought her trouble these choices will effect her and her daughter so what will happen ? Read More

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Has romance in it so BEWARE: Young Cole always loved the idea of magic. The flashes of lightning, the heat of fire, and the cool of water. Although none of those things exist... well for the regular humans at least. Read More
What if Harry Potter had a sister, a twin sister... Meet Serria Potter, a girl who knows the whole truth. A girl who lives in secret. A girl who yearns for family but is forced to tell a thousand lies. I will update chapter by chapter... Feedback will be great!… Read More

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August 08, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

I personified a lily flower. ???? Btw, if the mention of hair confuses you, I mean the lily's petals. I'm a really weird person, and I think of stems as a flower's body, leaves as a flower's arms, and petals as the flower's hair. And yes, in case you're wondering,… Read More

Book / Romance

August 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Lily's life has never been so dark. After an accident, her whole world turns upside down. Her father, a very powerful and wealthy business man begins abusing Lily in every way possible. Everyone at school starts bullying her, until the day when a new kid goes to her school. Will… Read More
I was a quiet girl. I kept my head down, never said a word to anyone, I gave no one reason to hate me as much as they do. Until one day all that changed, I changed. All because of one dream. Read More
If I were to ask you what you love, the answers would likely roll off your tongue. You love to read. You love to write. You love birds, music, tattoos. But how long do you think you could go on and on before you said, “I love myself”? He wants… Read More
Lily, a young girl in Brooksville Middle School, loves nature. One day, in her science class, she learns that there is a place called Green Park where the air is fresh, there are plants everywhere, and there is a mini-forest where there are animals. Lily yearns to go, but realizes… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

February 03, 2014

Amaryllis - much like the Lily flower, rests in the poppy bed Read More
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