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So this is quite big collection of light and humoristic poetry in Bulgarian including nearly everything , or more precisely: almost serious things, parodies of songs, political things (some part of what is in the “Vyrlo Demokratsko”), light sexy, nasty things, epitaphs, nonsenses, limericks, calembours, acrostics, and even an… Read More
Here are gathered all my early (till 2015) poetical attempts in English, which are not very much and are also quite different in their genre, although all are mostly light verses with the so called nursery rhymes (but that is what I like to read and to write). After about… Read More

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There once was a man named me, who's imagination roamed less wild and free. he suddenly had to abort, on his life he pulled up short, when blindsided by a fate he couldn't see! There once was a man named me, who it took having his head bashed in to… Read More

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some perils of finding love on-line Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 30, 2012

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I made this for my own sheer enjoyment.. Read More
Bauermann, Kuhe, Tierarzt, Nashorn Read More

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The product of cross-breeding limericks and haikus... Read More
Irish limericks! itz a form of poetry with only five lines in the rhythm of topic was beauty so here is my take on it...I hope it isnt that bad! Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 30, 2009

Limericks, wild, Nonsense, child. Read More

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