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This essay deals with some aspects of changes in American English usage that I find puzzling. Read More

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An explanation of why I like specific words and dislike others, mainly based on the sound of words. The arguments are strictly based on my opinions. The aim is to let people think more often about language in general. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Essay about the essence of time, and the way humans cope with the ensuing problem by opting for a linguistic solution. Read More
Nigeria is a multilingual nation. It is estimated that there are over five hundred different ethnic groups within the Nigerian boarders, and each group has its own system of language. Language is said to be a uniquely powerful communication system that is stimulus and medium independent, abstract, arbitrary and productive.… Read More
Jonathan never thought that he would meet Samantha the love of his dreams by this unexpected way this story goes through emotional situations and investigations, can Jonathan's scar be the reason that they fell for each other? how did he get this so special scar? please read, like and comment… Read More
The poem I wrote is an extened metaphor and has a greater meaning (as do all poems). Everything relates to something, yes, even the colours. H I N T : green in poetry stands for youthfullness, peace, fresh life etc. so I hope you find a meaning to the poem.… Read More
Language patterns in Arabic are very different to language patters in English, therefore, in the beginning it can be confusing for people whose mother tongue is Arabic to grasp the pattern that varies so much from their own. Read More
Uni[versity] assignment for linguistics module. Read More
The Flow is Speaking. The only true relationship, the only completely real pure relationship is not the same thing as what we mistakenly call "relationships" here on earth that we have with other people. They are tainted by existence which exists in its nature in limited form (we have limitations).… Read More
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