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A grandmother's reading example reaps dividends to a child. Read More
This essay is about the comparison of literacy and liberation, and what my views are. This was an assignment for class and I received an A. I just thought I would share it with you guys. Hope you like it. -Kiara Gooden Read More
The education system and its antics, a short interpretation Read More
Characters from My Life As a Teenage Dhampyr Read More
Reflections always brings the best of us. It is tool for life: A lesson that needs to be learned, not in school but in it's proper place at proper time. Read More
Dedication-#1: Annie Legend, whose surname, if pronounced "En francais" would rhyme with the word "entendre" when properly pronounced "En francais, aussi!". (aussi = another double entendre.) Dedication-#2: Someone, known only to myself, who may celebrate their 30th birthday during the month of January, 2008. Your secret is safe with me.… Read More
After watching 3rd grade students react to their DIBELS scores, which were posted in the classroom, I felt compelled to write this from a child's perspective. The probe is an indicator of a child's fluency rate and each student's score was marked on a chart for the whole class to… Read More
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