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It's a Post Colonial Analysis of Joseph Conrad's Novel Heart of Darkness. Read More
this is an analysis of kierkegaard's philosophical fragments Read More
I have tried to explain the literary, cultural and philosophical roots for irony Read More
It's a new genre of poetry called Mystic Realism. Read More
It's an analysis of Foucault through the views of Christian apologetics. Read More
This is an essay about Philosophical Fiction. Read More
Epistemic Fusion is a new vein of Philosophical Thinking, Read More
This is a description of various forms of poetry Read More
It's some interpretations on ontological philosophy Read More
It's an analysis of Foucault's philosophy from Christian Apologetics Read More
It's a new cultural and Philosophical term Read More
It's an analysis on Heidegger's Philosophy Read More
Truth is problematized into a discourse. Read More
It's a synthesis of Freud and Sartre Read More
It explains the relationship of Tropes to Conosceance Read More
I have devised some methodological tools for Hermenutics the art of interpretation. Read More
These are an assortment of essays on Philosophy, Postmodernism, Literature, Literary theory, and Aesthetics, Read More
These are interpretations of essays by eminent authors. The essays are related to postmodernism, literature, politics, economics, science, and aesthetics, Read More
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