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CLEVELAND OH- Broken Family Ties relates the story of the Grover children whose grandparents’ move in after their parents’ rather mysterious demise. Caroline is a beautiful child but there is something disconcerting about her. The youngest sibling Charles feels betrayed by his parents and angry at the grandparents Henry and… Read More
Voice of Conscience is a tale of love and revenge that plays itself out on three continents. It follows the story of an adolescent boy who must flee from his native Turkey to save his life after the brutal murder of his family. As he grows into manhood, he is… Read More
Experiences, even mere words, can shape who we are, what kind of human beings we become...language and morality puts the soul where it should be, gives it a purposeful center, a launch pad into space and time...unresolved traumatic memories freeze us in the past (adult children) and/or hurl us into… Read More
A 'memoir' of a country town. "A View To Wonder" examines the varying, heart rending points of a human triangle. (Australia) Read More
A short story with a twist; a group of travellers arrive in a dusty, barren town in the Australian desert, and gradually make some surprising, if unsettling discoveries. Read More
Single mother Bette Archer learned about loss early in life, when the father she adored became the final American military casualty during the fall of Saigon, in the closing days of the Viet Nam war. Now, as Bette watches her country fight what she believes is a repeat of that… Read More

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Two sisters, one autistic, one creative struggle in a poor area Toronto highschool Read More
A high school student with an imperfect academic record tries to discover her forte and turn her life around in college. Read More

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I plan to write a dilly of a sci-fi novel eventually. However, I have a lot to learn about presenting material in a novel to the effect that it shines. This poem speaks of my frustrations and mind states as I try to approach this dilemma and some specific secrets.… Read More
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