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This is a collection of articles, one on the killing of a Dalit Boy in India, and the next on the stabbing of the writer Salman Rushdie, then on writing called Museikazzo, and finally on Godmeneutics, Read More
This is a collection of Micro Fiction. Read More
These are a collection of Idioms. Read More
Godmeneutics comes from God and Hermeneutics (interpretation) and it is a metaphorical transmutation of Bible events into a vision of financial prosperity. Read More
This is a satire of institutions of the society and the state like religion, politics, and law and it also examines the limitations of the society on freedom. The notion of the coup is deconstructed. Read More
It is a streams of consciousness narrative which is a satire on philosophy and thought. Read More
This is a new figure of speech, acrostics, and idioms. Read More
This is an acrostic for Cash Read More

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July 14, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

These are an assorted medley of writing,. Read More
These are a collection of microfiction idioms and neologisms. Read More
Hooponopono is a Hawaiian magical technique for self-healing and forgiveness and using it you can get your wishes Satisfied. Read More
This is an ode to Goddess Fortuna the Roman Goddess of Fortune Read More
This is a recollection of two dreams that I had. Read More
Zerelda Thomas lives with her friend Rebecca Gaddis on the outskirts of Brickwood where their house is guarded by an imposing and twisted bur oak everyone calls the Gorgon Tree. While the townsfolk have generally been tolerant of the eccentric Thomas family ever since Zerelda's grandfather planted the sapling that… Read More
This is a depiction of erotic love, an idiom, and a neologism. Read More
These are a collection of narratives. Read More
These are a collection of Micro-Fiction. Read More
These are some new idioms from the Bible. Read More
These are a collection of Idioms and Short fiction. Read More
This is a story about conspiracies shown by Secret Societies. Read More
This is the unveiling of the conspiracy of the United Nations Read More
A short story I wrote a while ago about a hermit up in some Appalachian mountain who must deal with the world he left behind encroaching upon his sanctuary. Read More
Mana comes from Polynesian Religion and it means an invisible force or power pervading the Universe and here I am invoking the spirit of Mana for financial and material blessings. Read More
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