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In the largest virtual reality game in history, Mark was a king. His team? Unstoppable. They were heroes even among other pros. But the game changed. The government—for their own political gains—made a mess of everything Team Black Moon worked so hard to perfect. Ten years of their lives were… Read More

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December 04, 2018

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The Gate is an online game people use to escape the horror of a dystopian world that surrounds them. Max was an avid player until he began to see the true purpose of The Gate. Soon he finds himself caught up in a desperate game of cat and mouse struggling… Read More

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Meet Danos. An elf. A several hundred year old elf that has a slight obsession with learning magick of various kinds. Meet Emcess. A Jasrai. As bald as they come, has a mead addiction, and can't leave Danos alone. Meet...a stranger to Shedeth. What could she she a Human?… Read More
There exist other realities in our own reality, even if it's man made. Walk into the world of Reborn online where you can leave reality for your dreams. Read More

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Forgotten Worlds. A virtual reality game unlike any other, filled with arrogant players, powerful dragons, and wonderful loot. Forgotten worlds is a perfect escape from the Daily Grind of life for Alan Fuller. After receiving his VR set in the mail, he delves into this world of elves and wizards.… Read More

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