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This was a project in my creative writing class a few months and I decided that I really like it! Read More
You lost the game A teenager reflects on the changes in life. Love triangles, school life, and maturing. Flowers don't look pretty until they bloom. Just give them a chance to grow and you will see their fruitfulness. Don't hate on wallflowers Read More

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Natalie would have never expected to be working full time, and supporting her 5 year old sister at the young age of 18. Right now, her little sister is all she has. So when her little sister is taken from her, Natalie's world comes crashing down. Why is this happening… Read More
Fields of Paper White is the very first installment to The Blackout Sequence. Set in the year of 3560, planet Earth is nothing like the world we know now. Once China and America merged to form the largest power on Earth, they began their UNITY program. Hundreds of years later,… Read More
Jamie Miller thinks she doesn't really need more than her loving family and her best friend Lisa. She is a natural beauty, but doesn't has a boyfriend. She often stays in the background and never has problems with annoying intrigues or girls who turn others lifes into hell, because of… Read More
A short story based on Bioshock's Big Daddy. Read More
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