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October 16, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

a partial book my friend wrote, and i am editing. a story about three people, lloyd, luna, and earl. they came from three different kingdoms, gasea, arfagel, and kakaleaf. they are thrust head first into a war that they never chose to be a part of, how will they fare?… Read More
This is a poem about children on halloween. Read More
Keely and her mother are stuck running a chain of hotels, previously owned by her grandmother, when one day Phil and his family move in from Vancouver. They begin to develop a relationship, strictly platonic. But will it last while Phil's mother's overprotective behavior stop it before it begins? (UNFINISHED) Read More
I wonder what she'll be like, do you think we'll even look like twins?? What will she think of Dave and his homosexulaity?? Makayla Rose Sunset was adopted just a few months after birth and lived a normal, happy life that way, when she turns eighteen she gets to see… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

~hiatus~ Teagan, a strong, independent, caring girl has had nothing but stress, hearbreak, and overall unhappiness for the past 10 months, falling into an addiction, a depression, and a loss of a smile. Lloyd, the lead singer and only songwriter for a fairly popular English band has been unable to… Read More
Aldorons Doom is in memory of a friend that died at the hands of the court. Living with Schizophrenia he was harassed and tormented beyond endurance by the youth in the small town he lived until one day he drove off his tormentors at the point of a crossbow. These… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is how I imagine that they should make the movie for love never dies. It is purely based off of the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and my own imagination. This is in no way at all the actual play, as I have not actually seen it. As I… Read More
The Curse of the Faceless Woman is a ghost story in the form of a poem. You can Fine it in my poetry book Melodious Verse. Read More
Missy Greene is royalty. Her father is the king and her mother is the queen. As along, she's the princess. Like ever girl her age-16- is too old. So her parents force her into marrying a evil man who just wants their money and to be known as the new… Read More
A story about Tales of Symphonia with a twist. Lloyd an Genis find a boy in Treit deasert. He can only remember his peronal info. The weird thing is, he's got some strangest thing is his weird powers... Contains OCs and plot change! Every two line skip represents a time… Read More
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