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who are we really, without thoughts, without imagination? Read More
lowkey everynight i just stay up and drink coffee and write shit that i think about everyday but dont realize it. i dont know. I just want to be different. Read More
nightly thoughts of who i wanna bbbb Read More
just like night thoughts i guess Read More
Shoutout to my boyfriend, Matt Read More

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Short Story / Humor

November 02, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

THis is just for fun Read More

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this is the second book of my chiken story and it is not quite done yet. please note that this takes place in an alternate reality where everything doesn't make sense. chiken is stupid. Read More

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I forgot I had this. This is why I don't visit chat rooms any more or have time for their inane stupidity. I had copy and pasted this from a long time ago and came across this banter in a file that I had saved in my pc. At… Read More

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Article / Fan Fiction

January 01, 2018

It is a way to release myself from unknown pain. Read More

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Poem / Humor

December 19, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

This is just something I wrote and forgot about. It's fabulous. Read More

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A collection of short horror stories. Cause I don't want to have to do a bunch of different books. Read More

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This is another collection of short horror stories. Due to the first one being the most popular book I have at this time when I am writing this. It's time for a sequel! The first was about (spoilers). Sorry, had to block it. This time we will dive right… Read More

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it is a story about a girl name serahv and her secret life this is currently in progress also it is inspired by sailor moon Read More

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Book / Romance

July 21, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Magnolia, a young socialite who runs a famous blog where her fans can directly message her, has a reputation of being nice and friendly. She tries to keep her act up while an anonymous user reminds her that she wasn't such an angel before. Read More
Gangplank meets an unexpected champion. Read More

Book / Romance

April 22, 2016

Lol is a romantic story that also comes with a unexpected tragedy. Camila Robles a junior is going through school problems until the secret got out and after the secret got out the tragedy happened. A story for whatever age. Read More

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Comes around. Read More

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Israel is a funny, sarcastic,sweet,logical teenage boy that goes to Redwoods Middle School... And also this is my 1ST short story!!!! *squeeee* Enjoy and please comment about what you think :D Read More
A slightly random story with an eye for adventure. Or is it candy? Either way, this was fun to write, and I hope you enjoy it! Read More
A boy tracks down an assasin while trying to prevent a war from starting. But one of his family members gets quickscoped so he must choose whether to fight or not. 8/8 gr8 m8 Read More
I think sharing the humorous world of my family will give you a couple chuckles and snickers after reading, enjoy! Read More

Poem / Humor

December 24, 2014

A boy when he was walking down the lane admired another boy for his girlish appearance, a few thoughts pop in his head. Finally he finds that the girly boy was his own reflection. Read More
Have you been on Booksie for sometime now? Or are you new here? Doesnt matter. I'm sure you will ALL relate to my new article :'Things we have ALL experienced on Booksie'. It contains all the experiences I'm sure you have ALL experienced on this wonderful site. It will only… Read More
this is a recreation of my SouL2SouL chapter 2, please enjoy. Read More
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