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Tired of reading those GOD AWFUL requests people leave on your page? Want advice on how to get more people to read your works? Read below, and you'll be pleasantly enlightened. xoxo, Abigail Read More

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December 25, 2012

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Ajax Walker is looking for someone: Fay Renn. Except she hasn't been heard from in twenty-three years. Will a teenage girl he meets at the beach help him? Will he find Fay, or will he get another dead end? A/N: This is a frame story. (A story within a story)… Read More

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Here is where you can tell me when you've finished one of my contests! Just find your contest name, go to that 'chapter' and leave me a message! Then, once I've gotten all the submissions (or it's five days past the deadline) I'll leave the results here! Thanks, and enjoy! Read More

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~~Winner for Kyle Georgie Frydenlund's Writing Contest Music Style~~ Song: One Thing by One Direction Harry Davis is a sixteen-year-old jock. He's the king of cool unless he's around Abigail Myers. He's been crushing on her since God-knows-when for this one special reason that separates her from every other girl… Read More
Sapphire Snape is the daughter of Severus Snape, the Potions Master. She doesn't know who her mother is. When Sapphire arrives at Hogwarts, she discovers many secrets about her past, present, and future life with her best friend, Rochelle, who just happens to be Draco Malfoy's twin sister. What will… Read More
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