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London is beautiful in winters and November is the month to visit London as its start of the festive season. Read More
CASUAL ACQUAINTANCE An Angel flow to close to the ground. Dedicated to Fred Challis Set in London 1958. A short tale of a life changing casual acquaintance. Read More

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London is a beautiful city to visit in October due to its weather and the events that take place during this month. I am going to explain the short story of my visit to London from the start. Read More
London has many things to offer in a short period of time. I planned my journey from Buckingham Palace to Covent Garden in September Read More
London is the most visited place in the world. There is no end to what London can offer you in a short trip. I was in London in August and enjoyed my short trip to London Read More
London never fails to surprise you with the beauty of events. One of the events that fall in July is “Somerset House’s Summer Series”. Read More
a proper victorian society for improper ladies is about agnes walker who inherits a victorian mansion in london. when she moves there she gets transported back in time to the house in the 1830s. with the help of her relatives, she must find a way to return to the 21st… Read More
Father’s Day is approaching this June on the 19th of June. This makes me remember the same time when I was in London. Read More
London has many things to do in May. The most awaited event is the “Chelsea Flower Show”. I came to London in May and came to know about the Chelsea Flower Show from the hotel staff. People come to London to see this event held in Thursday May 26th till… Read More
London has many things to offer and people come to London from all over the world to live their dreams. Read More
“The Knowledge”is the toughest taxi test in the world. For nearly a century all London taxi drivers are required to find any address in the city by memory alone. Read More
As a solo traveller, there are lots to do in London and people come to London from all over the world. Read More
Short trip to London during Christmas time Read More
A lonely boy at the Tube station at night. A woman of big heart and even bigger wit. A mother's need to warm the lost soul... in a clash with the juvenile urge to resist the whole world. Read More

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October 10, 2021

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Trained assassin Amelia visits her hometown for the first time in years for a mission against Britain's Prime Minister, but is thwarted by her past. Death is likely with either success or failure, and she must decide what matters most to her. Read More
Anne and Dean are living in Serenberg, in London, England. When they come back home, a series of events led them back to the Elven Kingdom, where strange events happen. The sequel to Serenberg. Read More
Anne Baxter, nine, is a young girl in Serenberg, a magical place in London, England. When she meets all kinds of magicians, and wizards, as well as witches. And other creatures. The new children's fantasy novel by Robert Helliger. Read More
Inspired by Charles Spurgeon's sermon entitled, "Herein Is Love" (sermon no. 2448). Read More

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The Fated Guild is a place for heroes. Where good and evil takes place, and high adventure reigns supreme. The first fantasy novel in a new series by Robert Helliger. Read More
Annabeth Sykes is a thirteen year old teenager who lives in London, England, during the early 1970s. When she discovers she's a witch, her life changes. The new YA children's fantasy novel by Robert Helliger. Read More

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A guide to the Tower of London! One of Britain's most popular tourist attractions with several million visitors each year. This is a guide to the Tower of London.. Go on.. Read More
Annabelle Winters came to South London to pursue acting, a dream of hers for as long as she could remember. Not making much luck, she paid her dues until she made it. Voice acting was the best way, for now. It paid nothing, but at least the city of London… Read More
London, England, 2020. Fraser Kincaid is a Londoner who lives with his parents. When he sees several elves in the city, he goes on an adventure that is strange. The new children's fantasy novel by Robert Helliger. Read More
Alison Stone is a ten year old English girl from London. When she arrives at the Castle of Magic, her life is changed forever. The first children's fantasy novel in a new series. Read More
A young girl who dreams big and tries her best to live her life no matter what Read More

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