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I like writing. Am a fan of writing... Kind of surprising how far I've gotten. See this, again, will be fictional/non-fictional. Maybe for my fans. Assuming there are any. Read More
"Try you out?" I replied, "I would prefer getting thousands of football shots on my face." As I turned towards my room, he held my hand and pulled me towards him. My back hit his chest with a thud. My arms felt his unclad chest. He came near my ear… Read More
Misadventures during a world apocalypse - who would have thought it would be this entertaining? Join the remaining members of one direction as they get into some very interesting situations - no thanks to Louis. Read More
Harry Styles was a scientist that fell off the grid years ago after a mysterious lab incident he had been working on left his fellow researchers dead and him presumed to be. It was no coincidence and for his own safety Harry faded into obscurity, living deep in the forest… Read More
Melissa Evangeline Royale and Louis Tomlinson were best friends since she was twelve. Now at twenty-two, she's by his side traveling the world in the most popular boy band currently on the planet. The only problem? Her hatred for Niall Horan only grows stronger and causes unneeded tension among the… Read More
Isabella Jade and the One Direction gang are running. Running for their lives, running to survive. The clock is ticking down though and Glen Saudimere is only a few steps behind. Will they find their peace amongst the runaways or will the darkness finally catch up to them? *Sequel to… Read More
Isabella Jade Termlocke is a girl with a deadly secret. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are two men wanted by the law. When their paths cross in a brief moment of recognition by local authorities, Isabella finds herself held hostage. The real danger however, is the kind that none of… Read More
read the amazing story of a girl who gets kidnapped by one direction and finds out what is really going on with this famous band. will she end up being killed for what she knows or she fall in love and end up happy ******NOTE SOME OF THE STUFF IN… Read More
During the Nazi occupation bands of freedom fighters roamed the forests of Eastern Europe. They hid and waged their own private war against Hitler. Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies). The Heart of a Gypsy is a spellbinding love story filled with the Romance and magic of the… Read More
The year is 1969, a turbulent time in American history. Young people are hitch hiking along legendary Route 66, little do they know that a serial killer lurks on the highway, in search of female victims. Lilith, a fifteen-year-old runaway, gets swept up in the hippie movement and plans to… Read More
This is a very short story. It is 1,235 words Himmler, Hitler's right hand man has committed suicide to escape persecution after the fall of the Third Reich. What he doesn't realize is he must now face a higher court. In this story he will meet Jesus and be tried… Read More
In 1935, the Nazi's established a program called “The Lebensborn.” Their agenda, to genetically engineer perfect Aryan children. These children were to be the new master race, once Hitler had cleared all undesirable elements out of Europe. Within a year the first institution was built. The year is 1943.... The… Read More
On May 13th 1939, five strangers boarded the MS ST Louis. They were promised a future of safety away from Nazi Germany and Hitler’s third Reich. Unbeknownst to them they were about to embark upon a voyage built on secrets, lies, and treachery. Sacrifice, love, life, and death hung in… Read More
Once upon a time, There lived a magical kingdom on a different planet called Modrý M?síc. The kingdom flourished for thousands of years. But under one Malkia, things were happening. She fled to earth in search of love. But then she had to go back. Leaving her daughter and the… Read More

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I dont just want to know you. "He said,his lips pressed against my ear, sending ripples of pleasure down to my fingertips. "I want to know about you." I trembled under his touch, his soft yet big and rough hands so gentle against my bare shoulder. Read More
2 No.1 albums, 2 sell-out world tours, and on the verge of a third tour and album, the boys of One Direction seem to be living the dream. However, when the boys decide to do a 7 hour live stream, nobody realises just how hard keeping secrets can get.... A… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Her name is Demi Lovato. She's twenty one, married, and has a brand new teaching job. Sounds like the dream life, right? Her life isn't a dream, but a nightmare. She's hiding things behind a fake smile. The question is, what is she hiding? Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne,… Read More
-A One Direction Fanfic When I was younger, I never understood why someone would want to kill themselves. But, I've grown up, I understand what it's like to feel worthless, and alone. I know what it's like to feel the need to ruin yourself with cuts. I know. Read More
Aria had a rough past. She has a distant relationship with her mother and had never met her dad. She dated her childhood bestfriend, Harry, but they soon broke it off. She makes new friends Krystal Valerie Parker, and Susana Diamond Cadwell. What happens when Aria meets Harry again? Will… Read More
"Louis, I think I'm pregnant! Read More

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Loosely based on the hit xbox game, Left 4 Dead gives you a new view on the infected adn the survivors. I do not own any of the characters that are portrayed, but I have given them their own backstory and amped the plot of Left 4 Dead up. Please… Read More
Destiny is a Fader, a Time Traveler hired by God to better other people's who's lifes aren't on the greener on the other side. She met each member of 1D when they were younger, and what happens when she sees them again when they're famous? Will they trust her again?… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Carter hasn't seen her brother Liam or any of the boys for six months, but a lot of things have changed... "That was six months ago Carter," he said. "I don't care Zayn! A lot has happened in six months. You broke my heart and I built a wall around… Read More
I wanted to slap him. But i couldnt. harry was just too beautiful. the truth does hurt. painfully, i walked away. I thought i could trust him. I guess i was wrong. Read More
When Jackie is left alone after her foster family got into a crash, she had to be left on her own. She is forced to stay in the city of London in and abandoned building. What might happen if she is found by the one and only One Direction?! Will… Read More
Are you a "Directioner"? If you are, what does it mean to you? Has being one changed your life like its changed mine? Being a Directioner means everything to me and The following story isn't really a fan-fiction because its a TRUE story!! It's about me. It's about my life… Read More
Darcy Tomlinson and her best friend Eleanor Cadler can't wait for the return of the boys. Darcy can't wait to see the boys but most of all she wished to see her brother Louis. Eleanor's heart belongs to Lou but what will come out of that? Darcy is caught off… Read More
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