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The third and last part of this little 3-part story about the Northwest Rebellion, not that you have to read the first to read this, they aren't connected. This is when Louis Riel was being hanged, as spoken by someone really outrageous watching. He is being called "christ" because Louis… Read More
Again, about Louis Riel and the Northwest Rebellion. This is just before Riel is supposed to be hanged in his jail cell, as observed by the jail guard. He was pretty nutty by that point, but I guess the point of my poem is to portray that either 1) he… Read More
For you Canadians or the historically acknowledgeable, it's about the Northwest Rebellion (you know, the one after the Red River Rebellion with Louis Riel). They aren't particularly awesome but they were too historical to pass from being posted on this site...well I hope someone enjoys it, and the rest of… Read More
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