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A Gal's heart speaking out the pain.. Read More

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i know this is not origanel but hope you like.i made this so plz dont copy it from me.i will start 1 of my novals tomorow Read More

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Story of a broken heart... Read More
For my someone very special is a poem that contains a few lines about when someone is away from his love..... its the feeling of every heart when smone is hurt by his love for the first time after falling in relationship...... Read More

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A woman is given the chance to rekindle first love lost with the man she could never seem to forget. Read More
Who of us haven't had someone that swept into our lives like a whirlwind making us fly high enough to touch the sky? How many of us have had the same person leave us feeling like a tornado has just destroyed everything we are, or ever will be? Read More
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