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A story of a romance, boy meets girl. The boy wants to be a writer. But will the girl beat him to it and finish her book first? Is the boy going to be a serious writer nobody reads and the girl a rich successful one? Only the girl… Read More
A Tale of Romance is a traditional story of romance, yet a new take on the Troubadours. Really, it is boy meets girl, but with one or two twists. A wonderful love story. And one that might have a happy ending. The reader will see if they do live… Read More

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"One. For protection, for both her and Amber, for protection from Damon and all the other homophobic psychopaths. Two. For forgetting, and for not putting any pressure on Amber in any way, for leaving it behind, it didn’t matter anyway. Three. For Amber. For selflessness and caring only about her… Read More

Poem / Romance

September 25, 2015

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This is a kyrielle poem that consists of only three stanzas. It branches off a new novel that I have started, but I haven't posted the novel, and I'm not sure when I will. Read More

Short Story / Romance

September 14, 2015

We're hurting each other. We need to break up. But what should I do if she doesn't want to? Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

September 13, 2015

12 chosen humans. Free will to destroy or save the planet back story of 12 chosen humans. Adventure awaits Read More

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Falling in love with a girl and a boy at the same time? I sort of managed to have this done ... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This story begins with a teenage boy, suffering from PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder). He can't cope with everything going on, so he tries to escape. By doing so he opened a door to a new beginning. Read More
Abi finally found the guy of her dreams, at least so she thought. Her life takes a series of twists and turns for the worst. A love story gone wrong, a happy ending that never happened. There is only the prologue and part of chapter one. Read More
A boy finds his ultimate reason for living only to experience the decimation of his entire belief system. Read More

Short Story / Romance

July 03, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Sydney at age 25 has grown to be a very independent, sexy, and successful women she's tough but runs from her past, can Andes (a.k.a. Sydney's Hot soon to be man or hopefully) help expose the real Sydney??? Read to find out Read More
this story is based on true incident in a teen's life who fall in love with wrong person and lacks concentration in studies and life goals the ending is all about will she forget him and come in life? or fail in her life goals??? Read More
How i found true love... what it meant and how it feels... Read More
A young woman lives during the harsh years of the revolutionary war. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

From the beginning, each moment of loveliness she’d experienced with Gene was answered with one that was fraught with tension. He was so different from her past lovers. Old behaviors didn’t charm him, but her true feelings frightened her. Gene was a tough customer; he swung from being principled as… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

“This story was actually a story I wrote to get rid of a bit of depression I was feeling. My stories provide me with a world where I can be anything. I can become whatever I want, whoever I want and from that place I write emotions. To be honest… Read More
Reeve and Jenny share a love that seems too good to be true. But their relationship is tested when a horrifying secret is revealed. Can their love survive? Rated R for subject matter, including suicide and incest. Read More
Sakurano Minako wakes up after an accident and finds out her dearest sister died. Unable to accept her death, she develops a delusion that her sister, Yuriko, appears to her whenever she is in a life threatening situation in order to stop her. She deliberately tries to get into danger… Read More
A woman on a self-discovery trip meets a local man due to an empty tank of gas and a car accident. Read More
Wonder Tree is a Japanese-based fiction about a girl named Aikawa Miyu who meets the guy Tanaka Koutani under a tree called "Wonder Tree". The story narrates about their love story and how one can go beyond the borders of time just for the one he loves and prove that… Read More

Script / Romance

February 18, 2015

Wonder Tree is a Japanese-based fiction about a girl named Aikawa Miyu who meets the guy Tanaka Koutani under a tree called "Wonder Tree". The story narrates about their love story and how one can go beyond the borders of time just for the one he loves and prove that… Read More
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Book / Romance

December 28, 2014

Ems is a kind, optimistic,full of dreams 18 year old girl, who just went to college and is looking forward to a new life with new friends,and hopefully the passionate relationship she always longed for.One day,she meets a weird stranger that intrigues her more than anybody ever has.She doesn't know… Read More
A tale of sadness and truth during the most joyous time of the year. Harry finds himself in a situation he never thought he would due to dark roots deep within. He finds his way out but is sadly dragged back by his lover, Carola. Read More
Based on a true story. A teacher who loved a student secretly. Read More
Not your typical love story in a very typical setting. Read More
Fanzoned: Minahal mo ng sobra, hindi ka naman kilala. (A KATHNIEL story) Read More
Akala ko okay lang lahat.. Akala ko okay lang ako na wala siya.. Akala ko hindi siya kawalan.. Pero akala ko lang pala 'yon.. At huli na nang marealize kong siya parin pala ang laman ng puso ko. Read More
Gaano ba kahalaga ang pagsasabi ng 'I love you'? Read More
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