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Random Harry Potter one shots from all generations. No set story, will go back and fourth a lot. Read More
Sapphire Snape is the daughter of Severus Snape, the Potions Master. She doesn't know who her mother is. When Sapphire arrives at Hogwarts, she discovers many secrets about her past, present, and future life with her best friend, Rochelle, who just happens to be Draco Malfoy's twin sister. What will… Read More
The new girl in Gryfindoor, Rachel, might have fallen for someone... Read More
A short Harry Potter story about what Luna sees in the Mirror of Erised. Read More
Its lily potters first year at hogwarts, all she wants is a normal school life and to be in Gryffindor... but will she get what she wants? I know i didnt follow the family tree when it comes to Luna but Star is important in the story and it works… Read More
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