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Oliver Twist...rediscovered... Read More
Meet Mr.Perfect... Luca Huntington is hot, rich, intelligent, and charming. His prowess in bed is legendary, as are his numerous lovers. What more could a girl ask for? Just ask... Miss.Imperfect... Alexandria Cruise has hated Luca ever since he rejected her,then betrayed her when she was 16. If Luca is… Read More

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Everyone loves Alice in Wonderland, of course. But why does it always have to be about Alice? What about everyone one else in Wonderland. There's only one person in that world (or this one) to explain it....The Cheshire Cat. Luca Cheshire is sneaky, despicable, despite his over-the-top cleverness, and has… Read More
Illia is an assassin. But after, just once, she is unable to complete a job, she discovers something that she had thought buried in her past. Armed with nothing but two daggers and her will, Illia must work with people she has no idea whether loyal to her, facing some… Read More
There are certain things that you have to do in order to carry out your life. To carry out others. To keep them… going. Read More
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