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This is a story of Dark romance which takes place after "Luce's Untold Misery" I suggest that you read that story before reading this but any way it's fine. This is also my entry for dclovesfd's five sentence contest. After centuries of reincarnations, whenever Lucinda finds her soul mate Daniel,… Read More
*COMPLETED* Judgement day has come and only the few survivors are fighting for their lives. Young couple Annie and Tommy are still alive, months after humanity has gone. While trying to protect Tommy, Annie ends up losing her life, but finds her self in heaven where she becomes a soldier.… Read More
"Two words. 'My bad.' Just those two words. No sorry's or pleads. How could he just shrug this off? Did I really mean nothing to him? I was just a new toy to dangle in front of all of his b******ing friends. Just a jacket he could shrug off in… Read More
The last sequel to my story:) Read More

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November 04, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Luce Harris isn't looking for any trouble this year. But trouble seems to be looking for her. Luce's life couldn't get better. Her Dad is the principal of her highschool, she has a loyal best friend, and her grades are good. She was average. But there was nothing average about… Read More
Luce has three problems.. one- her EX-boyfriend is a cheating, lying son of a bitch. two- her mum is a bit of a cow really. And ever so slightly brattish at times (isn't that the childs job? Yes, it is. But try telling her mum that. three- A seriously hot… Read More
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