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Urushibara Luka, tambien llamado Lukako. Los manerismos y voz de una mujer... No. Mas femenino que cualquier mujer... Pero es un chico. Sobre la vida de Lukako y lo que pasaría si él tuviera el Reading Steiner, habilidad para conservar sus memorias al cambiarse el pasado, en lugar de Okabe. Read More
Urushibara Luka, aka Lukako. The mannerisms and the voice of a woman... No. More feminine than any woman... But he is a boy. About Lukako and what would happen if he had been the one with the Reading Steiner, ability to preserve his memories from one timeline to the other,… Read More

Book / Fantasy

February 16, 2017

Every story has a hero. Every hero has a destiny, but maybe for once a hero can just be an ordinary person. This ordinary person found themselves in a complicated situation, so do they choose to go on, or simply walk away. Do you dare defy reality? Who will aid… Read More
Greetings, this ebook is a poetrybook containing 100 of my best poems. Inside you will find an introduction following the poetry. The poems include themes like Love, Truth, Support. Motivation, Death and lots of Spiritual and Eye Opening poems. Also, you can check out my website for more cool… Read More

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Two boys, brought together by sheer coincidence. They form a bond, and eventually, become way more than just friends. But time is running out, the clock is ticking and there isn’t that much time left. Will everything be alright when the time runs out? Or will there still be things… Read More
In the midst of the destruction of the human race, we salvaged our breed. We have built ourselves up to only face our great pitfalls once more, war. On one side lies the True World Union, a group who strives for peace and uniformity. Striping old cultures and replacing it… Read More

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This is one of my favorite songs from Vocaloid. You should look it up on youtube... I do not claim this as my own!!!! XP Read More

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A young woman learns to deal with the death of her fiance. I wrote this a few months ago, for NaNoWriMo, a writing competition in Novemember where writers must write a fifty page novel by the end of the month. I couldn't finish, but I had a good run. However,… Read More

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“Do you know what blood tastes like, Luka?” Nero asked her in a tense breath, “Do you know what it feels like to enjoy and to crave the taste of it?” “What is this thing, Luka?” Nero pleaded, “Please tell me…It haunts me…I can feel it destroying me…It will destroy… Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 02, 2009

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Just another normal summer has come in Oceanside. And its non-stop parties and days at the beach for Maeve and her friends. Until Luka Harrison moves in that is. That's when life turns upside down. This summer, things are going to be different. New relationship with form, old ones may… Read More
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