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AU of Pokemon~! Gold is a young child on a adventure. He travels to Azure Heights and meets a girl named Lyra. Sent back in time by the Five Legendary Beasts, Gold must now stop the mistakes that he made! I didn't mean to make it have Yaoi but please… Read More
Zombies :p also if you have an issue with gays don't read Read More
Join Rex and his friends on their journey through the world of Pokemon as they try to figure out how they wound up as Pokemon, and how they can get back to where they belong. This story follows the storyline of 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time/darkness' with a twist… Read More
Here is what the characters look like in Close Enconter of the Yuzan Kind Read More
Lyra wracked with sorrow is unbelievably visited by none other than the man she loves. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A story of a teenage boy who is abducted to the underworld but not for what you might guess, a company STH are conduting an experament on human growth and developement. sixteen year old Pierce Xander Owen and fifteen year old Lyra are put together in a cell and forced… Read More
Seventeen year old Lyra Becker has everything going for her. A loving family, a wonderful best friend and an awesome boyfriend. But one day, a few days after the New Year to be precise, Lyra’s whole life is turned upside down… A/N: I’m not writing anything more in the summary,… Read More
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