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Things are looking bright for Young Lena Ivy, who has just moved to The University of Central Florida to begin her new life. Calm, Collected, and Smoking Hot, Lena has already made heads turn, and she's confident that this time, she is going to do things right and be in… Read More
Somebody’s watching Annabelle Todd. Upon first glance, Anne seems to lead a normal life in a small town; a part time job at her aunt and uncle’s restaurant, a run-down blazer, and school leave little room for doubt. Since the age of five she’s moved around with her mother, but… Read More
Victoria is a member of a rare, ancient race of shape shifters known as the Half Ones, who are exclusive and gaurd their secrets like they guard each other, due to a terrible curse that has befallen their kind. Trusting only herself and her family, Victoria is sent on a… Read More
Sometimes the person you fall in love with takes your heart and smashes it into peices. Sometimes they do it without explanation. Sometimes he or she does it simply for the joy of it. Well, you know what? Here are my thoughts on that...the 'Wonderland' that was created for me.… Read More
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