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What if the twin's hateful father had sent wimpy, paranoid but protective Dipper to military school after Gravity Falls? What if Mabel couldn't go with him? What would he be like when he returns? This may become a series of short stories, though I'm not sure right now. Read More

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October 27, 2015

Our biggest discoveries often happen unexpectedly Read More
Norman is your average typical teenager that moved to Gravity Falls for his spring semester of his freshmen year at Rixton Academy as he meets two twins originally from California moved to their great uncles due to their parent's death, Norman becomes best friends with them two but gets really… Read More
Personal experiences mixed in with some hypothetical situations and fake names. Read More

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November 02, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a preview (or the 1st chapter) of this story I am writing. If people like it, I will continue it. If they don't I won't continue. Comment if you think something should change! I am not changing names though. sorry! Read More
I would never say my life was boring, but at some point it took a turn for the overly exaggerated, and dynamically dramatic. I am not to sure where my story is going. I could maybe: save the world, be a hero, be the best villain there ever was, or… Read More

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18 year old Abigail Taylor loses the love of her life. Her jealous younger sister, Mable takes him away from her. She accidentally kills him. Abigail seeks comfort from her loss in a field of flowers where she meets an unexpected visitor Read More
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