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Small fictional story about the possible demise of the Human race. Read More
Finally got around to finishing this! And when I say a short story... I mean it. Read More

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The invention of a machine that allows users to travel to nested parallel universes--identical to but younger or older than our own--presents a woman with both a crisis and a unique opportunity. Read More

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I've been busy working on other projects, so I dug up and edited one of my older (and shorter) stories. Read More
Move forward into a world where instead of different countries but 2 different sides. One Good and another Bad. A machine can tell are you good or bad and sort you into the side. but is it really the machine sort you or someone else? Read More
I was so caught up in my thoughts, that I didn’t realize the washing machine door close. A few seconds later, I hear a click. The washing machine is locked, and I can’t escape. Read More
A poem I wrote as part of a self publishing workshop I was in. Read More
1st Sergeant Kozak a special operations soldier who finds himself in the middle of a tug of war between two warring alien factions. His importance to them and their methods to obtaining his hidden power plunges him into a journey that lets him see through the eyes of the very… Read More
The first and introductory story in the Secret Earth Army/SEA series. The SEA are five soldiers who are tasked with ridiculously dangerous missions to aid mankind's battle with the Galacticon Fall, a conglomerate of aliens who are hell-bent on destroying humanity! In this first adventure, they are tasked with destroying… Read More
An old relic awakens in a long lost world and slowly comes to grips with reality. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adam found out that his dream was no more a fantasy and he have to prevent an apocalypse from happening. Every time he sleeps, his subconsciousness will enter into another world. And he has to adapt to every situation during the meantime with a bio-manufactured body which linked to his… Read More
Is time travel possible I think yes and they are sending messages back as we speak. Beyond 2000 a TV show in 1999 with Gillian Anderson, In the program she said they are already doing it sending messages and film footage back in time. They send a beam into space… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Phil's been living a life without change. What will become of him? Read More
This novel is filled with jam packed action and adventure with a big bit of mystery in it. In this sci-fi novel Tom must survive the cruel world of 2049 as his hometown and country was being destroyed at his very sight! Some sort of robotic type army have invaded… Read More
mouse poetry, about mice that work in a factory Read More

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Human immortality depends upon a machine built thousands of years ago. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A broken Time Machine in Anglo Saxons times throws the Universe out of sync and it will do anything to try and patch itself together. Roping in Zoey and the head of Sector 22, Alderidge, they are thrown into the Bootstrap Paradox. But the Paradox is only the beginning... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this thinking of those late night infomercials. Read More

Article / Humor

October 14, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

The words 'goblin heroes' is an oxymoron, or just a moron. Read More
PLEASE READ!! The first 3 chapters of the story are not mine, so they are not here. You can find them here: I ONLY GAVE CONTINUITY TO THE WORK!! Read More
A very thin woman is always seen at the gym working out, attempting to lose weight, despite the fact that she is already thin. Read More
William finds himself in a small room, which he knows nothing about. Apparently, it had something to do with a test at school, but he didn't know why. Soon, William finds out that the world is not how it seems. Read More
Its the introduction of my book....... Read More
What would you do with a second chance to get things right? Would you be greedy, arrogant, and thoughtless of others around you or would you be apathetic, compassionate and selfless? A time machine that exists today. Nothing else moves us like music. The songs you grew up with still… Read More
An absurd idea of depicting a golden sphere as our maker or god, and we have reached the limit of its patience, and now the Sphere is going to undone the wrong choice it made with creating us, humans. Read More
In a not so far future, a scientist develops a time machine, but he didn't know the consequences his creation could bring. Read More
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