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You will now enter the life of me. Mackenzie Miller. I'm a sophomore in this dreaded high school in this dreaded world and I have a tendency to overthink and possibly be dramatic. Hallelujah. Anyway, enjoy sophomore year. Read More
This is an area centric biography on James MacKenzie, one of many famous people to come from Chingford, North-East London. This article was originally published in The Chingford Directory in June 2011. Read More
Destiny is a Fader, a Time Traveler hired by God to better other people's who's lifes aren't on the greener on the other side. She met each member of 1D when they were younger, and what happens when she sees them again when they're famous? Will they trust her again?… Read More
Hindus believe in reincanation and karma.VW Beatle came back as VW Jetta as reincarnation after 35 years to Juggernaut for payback for his bad karma. Read More
This is a story about finding out who you are after years of pretending to be someone else. Read More
The story of a man watching a life end. Read More

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Alex wasn't really Kenzie's 3-year-old brother. Kenzie wasn't really Alex's 17-year-old sister. And Kenzie's mom isn't Alex's mom, that's just a lie. Alex is really Kenzie's son, but will the young boy ever find out? After Mackenzie 'Kenzie' Jackson got pregnant with her son, Alexander, at 14 the Jackson family… Read More
Throughout history, leaders rose to guide his or her country to victory, they provided their nation with the essentials needed during hard times. They made a deep impact on their followers, and these followers in turn recognized them as role models. One may ask, “What is leadership?” In human nature,… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hayden Connor is positive he's never felt this way before. Just one look into Mackenzie Dawson's eyes and he's completely hooked. He's head-over-heels for the new girl. But his attempts to impress her are constantly failing. He knows she's bringing down all his guards, and that bothers him. She's definitely… Read More
I wanted to show everyone what I thought my characters looked like, so here are some pictures and who they match :) Read More
Before we get started, there is one important thing you need to know about Mackenzie Taylor. Mackenzie Taylor is in no way a stereotype. That’s how she wanted to be. Although, maybe by not wanting to be labeled, she got labeled... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The Amazon : A deadly experiment is underway, designed to bring about the destruction of the world as we know it. Time is relentlessly ticking it's way into oblivion. New York City : An ancient chamber filled with dead bodies is uncovered by the NYPD. The investigation underway is halted… Read More
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