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Aguya: he was and he will stay my love! My Ibtada, though he left me through an accident Tom: but you finished that person with whom he crashed with… Aguya: still…he was the one for whom I could finish the world, just for saving him I could have finished anyone.… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*This is the second book of Ace written by xdailydolanx on Wattpad.* After Sofia's death Ace is left completely heartbroken with their son, who was conceived in emergency surgery after Sofia's death. Ace saw her die, but did she really? Will he see her again? Read More
i'll make them an offer they cant refuse, a person with breif case and knowledege is better than a man with hundred guns. The abbot family the dangerous, crime family, the most powerful, feared, highest family of the new York mafia. They are in good terms with the foreman family… Read More
iris black an rebellious student, jeon jungkook professor falls unknowing for her...I don’t know when or how you crept slowly into my life… all I know is you're everywhere and every hour of my day and every second a thought of you and I seem to get lost so easily… Read More
He was attractive, tall, muscular Somewhere in his mid twenties. He said gentely muscular arm & rusaping his doll before leading her towards the door. He struck every I last one of them, causing their death so sudden. Be person in reality lik yone saw you, show them how it… Read More
Arizona Jones is a deputy taking after her late father. She will do anything in her power to find the man that left her father for dead. As she digs deeper into the case her life begins to crumble before her and then she's met face to face with Miami's… Read More
Two asses that both indulge in sin. Assassins are dangerous. Assassin love is impossible. Especially when she's moved on, and you can't let go. Yet, when her name comes up on your list of names to kill, you've got a job to do. However, she will too. It doesn't help… Read More

Tags: love, action, mafia, mob, omerta

a girl got off at the bus stop while her air pods plugged in her ears. i stared at the shard of the broken glass, and a phantom stares back at me. you can’t murder the murderer he’ll keep coming back” i then slowly started to leap towards my washroom,… Read More

Book / Thrillers

October 04, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

A boy from a poor family discovers a treasure trove of ill-gotten gains left to him by his grandfather who recently died in prison. Read More

Tags: mafia, fbi, art-heist

In addition to being one of the Larson triplets, Madison is also the daughter of a well-known and respected mafia boss in New York City. As opposed to her sisters who did not want to be associated with their dad's dirty money and illegal business, Madison did. Her job was… Read More
WEB OF MURDERS crosses the line in cold blood, for Mother Mary's friends and foes in Chicago. Read More
WEB OF PROSTITUTION- as the old saying, "It's old than the hills!" Read More
WEB OF INTRIGUE takes us into the underground, where everything is fascinating until it isn't, and the intrigue of it all..., is a calling, a demanding challenge to find the thrills, chills, excitement of the high flying nightclubs of 1950s-1970s Chicago. Read More
The angel of death Thana Cirillo is the most feared person in the Russian Mafia, the right hand to Aleksander Nabockow the kingpin of the Russian Mob. She is well known everywhere and is considered the best of the best. Celeste De Santis is the direct opposite of Thana, she… Read More
I don't have a summary, but if you can please follow, like and share that'll really help me. If you message me saying that you did those things I'll return the favor. Read More

Tags: mafia, cheating

Book / Romance

November 05, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

A mother would sacrifice her happiness for the sake of her children even if it means being separated from the love of her life. Yes that's mother for you . Flower Alvarado Khloe would do anything to find her father. She landed in the hands of a cold and intimidating… Read More
Beware of the masked strangers. Behind a fragile disguise lurks a story of one's life. Pass the silent lady at the Carnival, but do not ask questions. For if you feast on human sorrow, the end of your story may be the beginning of hers. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*** This is only a sample as this story will be featured on the Galatea app starting October 22. I appreciate and thank you for all your support! *** Ariana’s old nemesis Jonah Fiorelli is back from the dead, and he wants what he thinks is rightfully his: Ariana, who… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This was written some time ago, an unfinished project in the crime genre. Got about half way through before other things took over. Posting here as a bit of a "sampler" to see if it is worth finishing. Boyd is a trained and able assassin who’s inner sense of morals… Read More
Joey faces a painful realization as he makes his way home from the victorious interview at The Fox Hole. Read More

Book / Romance

March 26, 2021

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The Booksie Classic House

22-year-old Thea tries to find herself after losing herself due to depression. Filled with surprising plot twists and secrets, Thea navigates the path of mental health and self-love. Cause when you're in this world, and no one knows your name, who will hold your hand when the world turns blue. Read More
The stranger clicked his tongue and (thankfully) shoved the gun into his pocket. “Aren’t you tired?” “Of?” “Being the victim.” “I—I mean it’s not like I can do much about that…” Read More
P.I. Philip Wolf takes on a job he's going to regret... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Wrong number...usually a person would delete the number, right? A mistaken text leads to blood money and danger. 18+) MATURE Chris Johnson, a gender fluid male, receives a text from a mystery guy who shares a card number. Aware that it's an accident text, he uses the money to his… Read More

Tags: gay, drama, danger, mafia, lgbtq

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The Booksie Classic House

Kai has caught the attention of Juniper City's major crime boss and is quickly swept away into the mafioso's orbit. Between the beatings and hardcore sex, will Kai every escape this tangled nightmare or accept his fate with Matthias Kingsley? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

*** This is only a sample as this story is currently featured on the Galatea app. I appreciate and thank you for all your support! *** Ariana Delgado, the daughter of the head of the Delgado Mafia, suffers a traumatic loss at the young age of 15. Ariana’s whole world… Read More
Brian and Lindsay have to figure out how to keep Spencer out of Annex. Nina seeks a job at Annex to keep away from Brent’s harassment at Five-Alarm cabaret. Savannah and Lindsay go to a concert but get more than they bargained for. Read More

Tags: comedy, mafia, choir, strip

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