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Veronica is not just another one of Dr. Frank n Furter's experiments. Determined to prove that she is more than just a basic servant, Veronica experiences love, heartache and loneliness as she tries to find her place in the Master's castle. Read More
Harlow Warlich is a witch without any magical ability at all, and no one left in the world to rely on. Prince is a ruler of a kingdom that his corrupt father has ruined with the fruit of his hate and disgust at women – one of whom left him… Read More

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Magenta is the princess of all the wet lands. Her stepmother Silvia is not queen, Silvia sends Magenta to the swamp where she makes tons of new friends. [partly true partly nontrue] Read More
In the future, over 500 years from now the world will be very different, but still the same. When Arianna finds her childhood friend leaving to kill an immortal man by the name of Fumetsu, Arianna decides to go after the legend herself. Armed with her father's old sword and… Read More
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