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In a world of magic and mythical creatures, Crow wakes up in a coffin in the middle of nowhere. He has no memory of who he is or how he got there. He only has one memory and that is how he apparently "died". Now he is on a journey… Read More
Realm Walker follows the story of ordinary man Gordon Barker, who unexpectedly goes missing after a night out with his work colleagues. Whilst his family and friends desperately search for an answer to his disappearance, Gordon himself is fighting desperately to return home; in a fraction of a second he… Read More

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Germaine finds herself becoming a mother figure to Orett, a strange boy who fell into her world through a portal he created. As Germaine tries to help him navigate his strange abilities, Orett finds his place in the new Silvanus family. Read More
Mana, an energy from the earth that can both nourish beasts and bring human society forward. War for use of this energy between two kinds is on the horizon. Can a connection between the warring groups solve this conflict and stop of the destruction? Or will they only make matters… Read More

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The cover art was made by my sister. You can find her here on instagram @sarahvlasblom Long ago, when only a few villages were scattered across Trivinartria's wilderness, eight men held in their possession orbs of unknown origin. These men came to be known in history as Trivinartria's founding fathers,… Read More

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Bite-sized fairy stories... with a twist! | Welcome to Tales Retold, a collection of six short stories inspired by classic tales and modified to include special romantic twists. Some pieces are simple reiterations of their counterparts, while others feature entirely new plots. A few of these can even work as… Read More
An investigation threatens to bring to life a dark secret that threatens the safety and stability of the kingdom of Lunaris. Only the Glaives, the elit royal guard stand between order and chaos, but at what cost? Read More
Alex and Jake are off to summer camp when they miraculously end up on the wrong bus! Instead of going to a regular summer camp they are shipped off to a camp for "Especially Talented Magical Teens" where Alex is mistaken for a well known magical prodigy known as The… Read More

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Adrian never thought that she would become an adventure but now she has been presented a chance to become one, chosen for a quest by an Oracle. The oracle's quest is to find a magical artifact to stop a war over a throne in his country. However, it is unusual… Read More
Taking place somewhere long ago, there was a time where beings, being feared upon for their size and strength, roamed the Earth. Some would refer to them as titans, but those that came to befriend and communicate with these entities, knew them to be the guardians of all life on… Read More
The Ki-yo-te tales: The Forbidden Forest is the story of the Ki-yo-te, who is on the run from accusations of thievery, who finds himself in a haunted forest. He takes it upon himself to find out the secrets of the forest's curse and the dark power the lays beyond. Along… Read More

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Raine’s village is the last bastion of human life, hidden from a world ruled by magical mother nature. Ignoring the Elder’s tall tales of peril beyond the wards, she ventures from the safety of the valley to map the lost lands outside and comes face to face with an immortal… Read More
In the beginning, there was a vast sea of chaos. The holder of the Divine Phantasm -God- then decided to create heaven, earth and life. As man ascended, he felt more and more that "God" was distant. Thus, one day, in the small city of Orleans of Francia, a "Ubermench"… Read More
A short short story about a witch. Read More

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Avery is your everyday teen living in a world of magic, or is she? She starts living a double life when a spy gives her the opportunity to join their agency- giving that she matches the criteria needed- she stands for what is right despite her shy character and has… Read More
As Lored attempts to investigate the truth of the charges brought against Rue, the herb woman, Tari tries to hide her insecurities and doubts behind a facade of serenity. “This is a fantastic read. The characters are all well drawn and the landscape through which the characters move is familiar… Read More

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In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior village- Karasuma, the Legacy Trials are about to begin, which tests the mettle of the young… Read More

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May 04, 2022

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Book / Fantasy

April 29, 2022

There was once Ancient Beings called TItans who wielded Terrifying strength that aimed for World domination. They nearly Achieved this goal but One thing stood in their way. A Kingdom whose safety was threatened by them rose to the challenge and engaged in one bloody and Gruesome battle that decided… Read More

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flame, breeze, seafoam, and sage all thought they were the only type of special horse. all away from their herd, they meet just as disasters -multiple- strike. together, they must set off to find the mythical temple of truth, in hopes of finding out why the disasters happened and how… Read More

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In world filled with spiteful, purity-loving gods and ever-encompassing darkness, 16-year-old Allegro Cadenza has one goal: to take care of the family he loves. He is, after all, the kind of person the gods despise. However, his encounter with a mysterious girl one night threaten to derail the life his… Read More
This is a short story I wrote with a prompt from Reedsy. Most of the worlds I present in my stories come from dreams I have. One of my biggest goals is to share these worlds with others. Read More

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Upon his defeat, the Demon Lord placed a cursed on the entire land that infested it with thousands of clones, "fakes" as they call them, of each of the Nine Heroes who defeated him. Our main protagonist is not one of those nine heroes, rather, she is one of those… Read More
Welcome to Greyhollow, a small town with a dark past and even darker secrets... (My first attempt at a novel. Ended up hitting a wall but always meant to return to this one. It's early, amateurish and quite rough. But hopefully still enjoyable?) Read More
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