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Marion gained a new ability, and have some thoughts about morality when talking to Ted, but as the police show up to apprehend Ted, he may have to make some choices of his own. Will he make the right ones? Read More
Katrina and crew encounters the unstable Ted. Will cooler heads prevail, or will the sparks fly? Read More
Fleana and the gang's powers grow and find a man named Ted is on the loose Read More
For middle-aged Lacy, the fantasy world of her childhood begins to intrude into her waking adult life. When a medical emergency arises, Lacy finds herself caught between worlds. Only the love of her nephew Jordan can pull the troubled woman to safety. Read More
Amelia the Miracle stars our titular heroine, Amelia, a young girl with the special ability to bring the things she paints to life. What starts as a miraculous ability becomes darker as Amelia realizes that while she has the power within herself to make the world a better place,… Read More
Hidden away in a dusty old shelf in the back of the library, there is a book that tells the story of what could have been, had life taken a different turn. Read More
A Sin-Eater comes to a village to do his grim work. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

"Anomie" is the first short story from a collection I'm currently working on. It tells the tale of a troubled man in a foreign land and his inopportune discovery of a mother and child in distress. It is borderline flash fiction and will appeal to fans of fantasy and magical… Read More
Fleana and crew escape but not without...changes. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

what would happen if the world of social media became the real world we life in Read More
Prince feels like he's dying, and makes an unpleasant choice to save his and his friends lives. Read More
Marion suffers from withdrawal, and spots some menacing students leering at him. How will he survive the day? Read More
The gang have to face the inevitability of their psionics going away, which would be easier if they didn't have to go through withdrawal. Read More
The group gets an ominous message, and tricks out their death machine. Read More
Prince basically builds a Gundam suit, and the crew goes to town on Eco-corp's model. Read More
The crew makes poor choices with the shrink ray. Read More
Prince swallows a microchip and everyone has to go inside him and get it out, but somewhere along the way the plan goes awry. Read More
It's a fictional dream that the famous writer Jorge Louis Borges Had. Read More
The crew faces an old enemy. End game. Read More
The crew gets drilled about their psionic powers by an evil board, but are they really that evil? Read More
The death bots pay the crew a visit. Read More
After the death bots invade Surrealton, the crew gets a chilling message. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fleana, Katrina, Marion, and Prince's encounter with a psychotic janitor ends badly. Read More
Katrina, Marion, Prince, and Fleana star in a rap video to get home. Read More
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