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The young flower and her adventure in an orchard. Read More
I've always loved the sea. The way the water shines in the sun, and moonlight. There was a lake, they called it Faded Isle. They would say that you swam inside the water, your soul would fade. I always believed that it was true, but never had a reason to… Read More

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I've always loved the sea. The way the water shines in the sun, and moonlight. There was a lake, they called it Faded Isle. They would say that you swam inside the water, your soul would fade. I always believed that it was true, but never had a reason to… Read More

Tags: sad, water, magical

its the last day of school and peyton cant wait! her mom is awaiting to tell her something important Read More
What would you do if in the middle of your perfect life you will meet the one who will rock your world from one side to the other leaving you hanging in the air? This is the first story I wrote and the first one I wrote in English. I… Read More

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Read this story to unveil all the spirits of yours waiting to get a chance....... Read More

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Archie's Coup d'etat is our emotional necessity towards others. Based in Dumbo Brooklyn, the story is about a hybrid character who is viewed angelically as he is demonic. It's not about kites and gargoyles. Read More

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Maleficent and Diaval's love for each other thrived after the events of the movie Maleficent. Meanwhile, Aurora struggled to be a queen that ruled independently and without help from a man. Soon, Maleficent and Diaval would have children. The children were a pair of twin girls named Elianna and Diana.… Read More
Liliana James and Rosalina Karshmen are best friends and on their last day as freshmen in college. When very strange siblings, Carson and Cody, enroll on the last day it automatically draws attention to them. Is it intentional or is it just bad timing? With the summer being started everyone… Read More
Find out why two fifth graders are so determined to possess a small grey stone. Read More
This is a spin-off of a novel that we are writing. It's about Cray and Hunter, two young guys who go into the same boarding school and fall in love. But they both have "magical" powers: Hunter can suck life from every living organism just by touching them. And Cray… Read More

Book / Fantasy

May 22, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

It is about the famous game that gonna open in japan Tokyo and every player in the world want to play and went there but the game is become torture and nightmare to everyone. Read More
That day, I became a wolf. I died, but then I was reincarnated again, but this time into a wolf. But you wanna know the funny thing? I contain my past memories of living the life of a human. Thus I now begin my life as a wolf in a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Two powerful groups have been locked in a vicious war for centuries: the Stanwick Clan and the P'inaer Flock. Teenager Aubrey Panera is pulled into the world of beings and creatures much like the stories she loves to read and asked to help end the fighting, but how can she?… Read More
This story is about three magical chinchillas who get sucked into a portal to a magical world. Ralph (the main chinchilla) is searching for his lost siblings, and on the way he meets a leprechaun called Concobhar (Bhar for short). These two have a few fun, magical adventures while searching… Read More
My boy is everything and more that I could have asked for. He's always putting a smile on my face and letting me know that I'm loved and cared about. This was the beginning. Spilling my painful story to him. I'll never be more grateful than I was that day,… Read More
So this was my actual dream last night. I emailed someone to help me interpret it. I don't really want to give it away, but in my dream I met someone who is there to protect me, give me some wise words of advice, and to somewhat send me on… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 09, 2015

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My favorite flower. A part of the eye. A name. Iris. Read More

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Strange noises rouse you from your bed. You follow them through your house to the door you keep locked. The attic door suddenly swings open, and golden light floods the stairs before you. Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 07, 2014

There is a world where every magical creature and monster you ever heard stories about live. There is suppose to be only one way to get in or out known as the Border. A secret entrance was created to protect the future of this world of magic known only to… Read More
Arianna was disappointed when she did not get a part in her school play. But she did have a most wonderful adventure later on. Read More

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A soldier is rewarded generously for avenging the death of a young POW. This is the prequel to my novella, Ice Cold, coming soon, Read More

Tags: war, world, realism, ii, magical

I will not let you down. I promise, I'll be different. Trust in me because I will give everything for you. My being is yours and to the heavens I proclaim it so. Forever shall I rest in the unsettling unknown before I forsake you. I am transforming for you.… Read More

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This short story reveals the dreams inside every kid who is left behind. Read More
This is a sneak peak of my book that I have been writing called "The Nether." This is personally one of my favorite parts. Please understand that this may not make much sense considering its chapter 12- 14 and that this is a ROUGH DRAFT!!!!! Also PLEASE leave a comment… Read More
Bright and Jezzine are complete opposites. Bright appeared like most of the people in the small village of Canterbury. Bright finds Jez, saying her remembers her- from the other life. Jez pushes him away, "he's a freak." She tells herself. But one day, people start disappearing, back to the other… Read More
This short kids fantasy is about a young teenage girl and her family with a mythical creature secret in the forest. Read More
The magical stick of legendary wizard Thalamos Thunderfire has been stolen! Thalamos must follow the stick's aura and find out who the culprit is before the World Annual Spellcasters Competition, or he will stand no chance of regaining the accolade of the best wizard in all the kingdoms. Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 12, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

In a world similar to ours, where trains and boats travel all over the world. An epidemic is spreading, people from all across the globe are falling into strange comas. Those that enter "Slumber" never wake up. The person is trapped in a dimension where their dreams have become a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This will probably be the last poem I write in 2013, and it is a gift to all of you. I went through a lot of things this year; I must say it became hard to stand tall. Yet, now that it's coming to an end and I survived it… Read More
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