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Written from the prompt: "The moment I put pencil to paper". Read More
its a tricky situation. The thing is this... Rachel is one of a kind wizard... she loves doing magic, only she ends up getting in trouble all the time. And her responsible cousin gets her out of it... With some chemistry. Read More
This is my entry for Mommy3's Mythical Being contest! I chose wizard. It's a short story. I hope you like my interpretation! Thanks for reading and I hope you love it as much as I do! Comments and likes are very much appreciated! :) I hope to one day flesh… Read More
There has, and will always be, two sides of Argentora. Light and Dark. These enemies have been fighting since the beginning. But tonight, they will take the fighting to another level. War. After the war tie freezes. But prophesy states that there is a secret Light Warrior that could still… Read More

Book / Romance

November 21, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

This is for the yet another picture challenge. It maybe an on going story if people like it. :P Read More
What would you do if the fate of mind kind was put in your hands? Read More

Book / Gay and Lesbian

October 28, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Sam Davis is unaware that he is the prophecised ruler of a power that can destroy the three worlds of the mortals, median and wizards. with the help of Piper a troublesome flirt can Sam overcome the evil working against him and maybe even love? People if u like please… Read More
Poems I drew from my fantasy novel Shadow Fallen. If you like the poems, then please do go check out the novel! Thanks so much! :) - WordSpeak Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 30, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

A poetry, about the wonderful spring. It's a good thing for school teachers. Read More
Teryn Blake was just an ordinary 16-year-old girl, living on the coast of California. Then she followed the path to her unusual destiny, realizing her dreams, accomplishments, and true love along the way. ©Copyright Kellycunning 2009 Read More
Hi, i'm new here! This is the first chapter of a Fantasy book that i'm currently writing. It is about a girl and a boy, who live in different worlds (literally); they have a dream about eachother, and they are sucked into a completely different world together. This is an… Read More

Book / Fantasy

July 03, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

-COMPLETE- Twins, separated at birth, get together to safe the magical world and their world. Follow their journeys as they go through their dreams, meet talking animals, discover their magical powers, fall in love, and fight a battle that can decide the destiny if their world and the magical world.… Read More
What if you could get any wish you wanted? Once a year on Sorry Night, the longest night in the year, you might just be able to make your wish come true. Vivica might just get her wish but remember things arent always what they seem... Read More
Loved reading Howl's Moving Castle, Twilight, Harry Potter and Prophecy of Stones? You will LOVE this. Elena Siletz had a happy mundane life until she finds herself thrown into an uncanny world where birthstones represent what kinds of powers people can posses. Elena Siletz, born in September – birthstone: sapphire… Read More
evan jhonson has never been something special, at least not in the immortal world. but, later on, while he is training to become a wizard in the mortal world, he realises he has a greater place in the immortal and mortal worlds, i place by the Great Ruler; Her...with his… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

-COMPLETE- Have you ever imagined a world where magical creatures exist? Dragons fly across the sky, bright lights that are actually pixies, griffins that cry out to the people below? A world that is not real, yet so real...This is a story, a story of betrayal, love, mystery, and adventure...This… Read More

Short Story / Fantasy

January 10, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Lillith is just another ordinary girl, until she finds a secret room that could change her life forever. A great story about hope, imagination, and fantasy. Read More

Poem / Poetry

December 01, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Another magical, fantastical journey through dreamlike worlds. Read More
Another journey into a magical world where the unicorn represents your protector - be it a religious figure, parent or friend. Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 24, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Madison Lloyd was a quiet girl from Denver, Colorado before they moved to Bay Harbor, Maine. She thought her grandfather is her only living family. And she was wrong. On the night of the full moon during her school camping trip in the shores of Maine, her whole life changed… Read More
Must Haves to be accepted into the secretive and selective Academy for Multi-Talented Teens... 1)honorable 2)courageous 3)determined 4) MUST HAVE SOME SUPERNATURAL POWER OR BE A MYTHICAL CREATURE Read More
Written by me as Amity. One of my personal favorites, out of my older work. Read More
This is the introduction to a children's story I am writing. I am aiming to crete a magical time and world with fantastical creatures to set their imaginations free. Rich in imagery and scenery so you can actually visualise what I'm creating. Read More
Warlic has to learn the ways of the sages to become king of his kingdom Brackalisk. Read More
Did you ever think some fairytales are so unreal, you just might think they have some real roots. Well this story starts with an old tale from the civil war, and ends in the present where a fairytale becomes a very real thing. Read More
Magic is dying, and its creators along with it. They mourn the passing of the time of the fantastic, and are unable to cope with the dawn of a new age that has little want or need of them. Instead, they can do nothing but think and remember, remember. .… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

about my sweet and beautiful niece Nicki Read More
Sam is a typical 17-year old high school student. Her life has ben normal. Normal family, friends, and being top of the track team. Until her life is change when she encounters a book she founds in her attic. Containing a magical dog plush, teleporting her to a strange new… Read More
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