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Daniel is a powerful wizard that becomes trapped in a magical realm hidden deep in the forest behind his house, but before that story, is another story: the story of Daniel's childhood and ascension to power. Follow Daniel from the beginning as he receives his powers, embarks on many adventures… Read More
Gladevale is a peaceful land, a realm with two large forests in the north and the south. Several different races of magical creatures reside here in their own sections of Gladevale, living in harmony with their neighbors. But the lands surrounding Gladevale are far from peaceful. These realms have been… Read More
The life of a girl, who finds that she is a rare creature, that she is the only one of her kind. She has to stop a raging war between the angels and demons, before all of humanity is killed or enslaved. Read More
Luci is a normal girl. Sort of... Her mom being a Witch, her boyfriend a Vampire, and most (if not all) of her closest friends being magical creatures, she is finding it hard to have something "normal" in her life. That is, until she meets the strange and wonderful Zeno. Read More
Concerned for her brother, Vampire Ella, dicusses his girlfriend with her Elf friend. Instead, Ella gets a short philosiphy lesson from the younger girl. Read More
Alex, after spending the entirety of his 16 years of life buttoned up inside his home, finds himself thrust into a world far beyond all logical understanding, a world into which no human can tread. Why is he here? What happened to him that took him from his normal, boring,… Read More
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