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Through the eyes of a celebrity, guess which one. Read More
Random writing or poetry, whatever you feel it fits best. Read More
A random and made up short story with meaning, using my job as inspiration. Was awfully bored. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Song & Poetry Read More
This is not some made up crap, this is grieving over my dead dog, Pug. Leave a like if you share and or understand my pain :,( Read More
A message for the alienated and many rants. Read More
A vague but honest writing used to vent about my past; Don’t act like we don’t have emo moments. Read More

Poem / Horror

January 31, 2017

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The Otakus Unite! House

A tiny poem influenced by the band/song: Yousei Teikoku - filament Also trying to support the anime The Future Diary or Mirai Nikki Read More
A very short tale of heroics by a football team. Read More
Note from the author: This is to be a large continued series about a elite clone named Ace. This is a story about him, and his adventures. This is more than clone wars stories. A good portion will be based on the legends, and the expanded Star Wars universe. Prepare… Read More
She may never read this, but writing it was worth every second. Short & sweet Read More
This is for somebody procrastinating on something meaningful. Read More
Writing inspired by the anime ‘The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)’ Read More
Weird poetry This is version 2 Read More
A funny senpai writing through the eyes of a girl. This is Version 3 (Yay 030)... Read More
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